Cheryl T makes The Rooftop sing Wednesdays

Weekender loves a good sing. Indeed, often we’re named the best singer in the shower, presuming we’re on our own, which we always are unless the cat decides to do its usual kamikaze leap into the torrent which then ends up in a squealing moggy and a badly clawed Weekender. 

Anyroad we’re delighted to report that the actual real thing (singer, not cat) is on show at the RoofTop bar in George Town’s Trilogie Plaza, Mary Street every Wednesday from 7 to 9pm. 

Cayman’s own Cheryl T is the talented performer in question and here’s the lowdown on all things sing-y. 


What can we expect? 

Popular songs, mostly 60s to 90s, RnB, pop, reggae, some smooth jazz (like Anita Baker) and a little country. I am a solo act using backing tracks. Occasionally we welcome guest artistes. 


How did you get into this originally? 

Growing up listening to radio and my parents collection, performing in school concerts et cetera. Later (late 80s, 90s) I got into broadcasting, then performed with many local musicians including Cedric Brooks, Tabia, Heat, CMX-5, Ed Solomon and Mainstream. 


How is the reaction from your regular gig? 

Rooftop crowd responds very well, with a small faithful following who come out regularly. 


What is your favourite song at the moment and why? 

Funny enough, though I’m a RnB and jazz lover at heart, it’s Hard to Love by Lee Bryce because it speaks to loving someone even when they don’t deserve it and how that experience can be humbling. 


And if you were wondering, Cheryl was the host of the Holiday Inn’s karaoke at Ten Sails pub back in the 90s. So she knows her stuff, chaps! 


Catch Cheryl at the RoofTop bar every Wednesday from 7 to 9pm. Karaoke is also planned in the very near future. 

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