Late night opening at National Gallery

In support of CNCF’s Red Sky at Night Arts Festival, the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands will also be opening late on Saturday, 23 February offering an eclectic programme of gallery-related events.

Access between the FJ Harquail Cultural Centre and the grounds of the National Gallery will be open, allowing the public to wander between the two, experiencing the full scope of the local arts scene.


Outside in the gardens the newly built labyrinth will be open to anyone who wishes to take a meditative moonlit walk around the labyrinth.


The permanent collection along with the temporary exhibition of Miss Lassie’s works, Prayer Canvasses, will be open until midnight.


A film featuring the late Miss Lassie will be shown. The film is an interview with Miss Lassie, conducted by Henry Muttoo, Director of the Cayman National Cultural Foundation. In the film, for which Frankie Flowers Jr was the videographer, Miss Lassie talks about the dreams and visions she had, how she began painting, her life, parents, family, work and more.

The film, which lasts approximately an hour, will be showing on a loop throughout the evening in the Dart Auditorium from 4 to 9pm.

At 9.30pm, the reels will be changed and the classic Italian film, Cinema Paradiso, about a child’s friendship with an elderly projectionist at his local movie theatre will be screened.


Meanwhile back outdoors, yoga instructor Danielle Gentilcore will be leading a moonlit yoga session on the labyrinth beginning at 10.30pm, in celebration of World Yoga Day on 24 February.

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