Lightning strike goals at Kings

Youth hockey looks to resume from a short break at Kings Sports Centre. 

Most kids were off school for their mid-term break, which resulted in a bye week for the 2013 national youth roller hockey league. The next round of games is Saturday, 23 February, at Kings. Matches run from 8am until 4pm, encompassing three main age divisions. 

In the Squirts 13-Under segment, focus will be on the 4-0 Jets. Ethan Finlason steadies the team with 15 goals. The squad’s last result was a 14-4 win over the Penguins, with Kai Robinson Allard producing four goals and seven assists and Noah Booker chipping in six goals and two assists. 

The Maples Leaf, the KPMG Senators and the Penguins are in pursuit, with the Maples Leaf thrashing KPMG, 15-0, thanks to two goals and five assists by Zach Bodden and eight goals and two assists from Greame Hill. 

In the Mites 10-Under category, the Bruins are in first place at 3-1. Their last victory came during a 7-5 performance against the PwC Jets as Brad Lansdell had six goals. The Ecay Traders, in spite of a league-best 22 goals from Jabari Waldron, are now 2-2 following a 9-5 loss to the Ernst and Young Eagles. Nathan Hughes was the top scorer with five goals. 

Another unbeaten team resides in the Atoms 8-Under division via the 4-0 Lightning. Jaxon Cover steadies the offence with nine goals, though Connor Finch led a 6-4 win over the Dart Ducks with a hat trick.  

The Mourant Marksmen and Deloitte Hurricanes are in pursuit, with Mourant recently defeating Deloitte, 11-8, thanks to six goals and three assists from Luke Atkinson.  

League games began in mid-January and will continue during coming weeks on Saturdays. Aside from the Squirts, Mites and Atoms segments, the league offers action via a Tykes 6-Under practice group and a learn to skate programme. 

“We had major leads contributing to the success of each team’s win,” said Kings official Andre Morgan. “Despite the size of the leads, I will say that a few of the games were close all the way up to the third period. The results will also show who the dominant players were for the winning teams.  

“These players displayed exceptional abilities to score goals or assist in scoring goals,” he added. “This is to be expected in the four weeks of play, given that each team would have gotten a go at an opponent team already and these last games would make it the second time that they are playing that team.  

“Congratulations to the Maples goalie, who was able to have a shutout,” he said. 

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