PPM adds third candidate in West Bay

The People’s Progressive Movement political party has added a third candidate to its slate in West Bay.  

Local water sports operator Capt. Bryan Ebanks will contest the 22 May general election along with two other PPM West Bay hopefuls, Woody DaCosta and Ray Farrington.  

“It has been too long since the little man and the working class have had good representation in West Bay,” Capt. Bryan said. “I intend to change that. The people of West Bay have been taken for granted by their present representatives for too long. Dispensing political largesse every four years is not real representation.” 

As the owner of a fishing and snorkelling business, Capt. Bryan said Cayman’s tourism product needs more Caymanians to be involved.  

“Let us concentrate on filling the available tourism jobs with Caymanians,” he said. “To do this we must provide the necessary training for our people at all levels to give them a stake in what is widely regarded as a world class tourism product. 

“Other destinations in the Caribbean have done so with great success and there is no reason why we cannot do likewise.” 

“We are pleased to have Capt. Bryan on board,” said PPM leader Alden McLaughlin. “He represents the spirit of every Caymanian. He has worked hard to become a successful entrepreneur and, with his experience, he has a lot to offer to our young people in particular in this regard.” 

In addition to the three seats in West Bay, the PPM is contesting all six district seats in George Town, four in Bodden Town and one in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. 


  1. What is going on in this West Bay District anyway. We know that all those jumping in the race does not have any good intention for West Bay like Bush do, and running against him will not keep him out of Politics even if he does not run. McKeeva Bush will always be Cayman’s only Political Stalwart. The Man is a born Politician, and we have to give him credit for that unless we are not listening. Captain Bryan running for west Bay now?

  2. After hearing Mr. Bush speak last night in Bodden Town, I feel even more now that his passion for his craft is unlike any other’s. I agree Mr. Bush should continue to be supported in West Bay as he has forgotten more deeds he has done than any other candidate will ever think about achieving. Some of those running against him are nothing but failed businessmen and wannabes. Stick together West Bayers. You are all you have.

  3. I find this a little strange, isn’t this the same man I saw on Cayman27 saying and I quote ‘ I don’t like Politian’s’ over and over ? I don’t really know the man but isn’t it a little hypocritical to now be running for office and aspiring to be exactly what he claimed he doesn’t like..

  4. Saying he doesn’t like politicians, and then running against them indicates to me that he intends to do something about the way politicians have messed up Cayman.

  5. Good point Old Hand, there are definitely going to be interesting days ahead. Looks like the whole political landscape of Cayman may be changing soon. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this all pans out..

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