UDP attacks independent group as ‘coalition for cash’

The revamped United Democratic Party’s political strategy and a few more of its candidates were revealed Tuesday night in Bodden Town during a public meeting. 

Former Premier McKeeva Bush tried to lump members of the People’s Progressive Movement and the political group Coalition for Cayman together, painting his UDP as the only other alternative.  

“You know who they are, whatever banner they decide to disguise themselves with; PPM or coalition for cash,” Mr. Bush said. “They’re all members of the same group.  

“If you do not listen and you go into a position with people who say that they don’t know who they’re going to serve with, but they’re going to serve; they don’t know what kind of policies they’re going to put together when they get elected, but they’re going to get elected… we are going within two years to fail, and I’ll tell you this country does not have much more time than two years when people are going to start walking away again.” 

The criticism is one that PPM members have sought to proactively address, with party chairman Anton Duckworth in December explaining what he believes were key differences between the PPM 
and the coalition group.  

Mr. Duckworth fired some broadsides at the coalition in early December.  

“It appears to me that the [Coalition for Cayman] group are trying to use their money to engineer a government over which they can exercise influence and control,” he said during a meeting of the Progressives party leadership on Wednesday. “That’s the bad old game of money buying power; a game which the People’s Progressive Movement has always refused to play.”  

Mr. Duckworth said, assuming the coalition group gets some candidates together ahead of the May 2013 general elections, Cayman Islands voters would have a clear choice.  

“The choice is between one-man rule of the United Democratic Party, government by elected representatives – the Progressives – or government under the control and influence of unelected people in the C4C,” he said.  

Mr. Bush struck a somewhat similar note on Tuesday night in Bodden Town, but with different emphasis.  

“Don’t you fool yourselves about all these people running out of the woodwork about they’re going to run and they’ve made their money,” Mr. Bush said. “Yes, they’ve made their money, what in the world did they do for these Islands? 

“Others have lived it up, made their money, now they want to come and run the country. They’ll put us where they had us in the [1940s]. You should not give one of them a chance. As for those people who say that they don’t want parties, you know what they want. They want you back where you were in the ‘40s, where you ironed the clothes, where you cut the grass… no, a thousand times no.”  

PPM leader Alden McLaughlin said Mr. Bush’s claims about the C4C-PPM link were “ludicrous”.  

“The Progressives are not the party of the moneyed, we never have been,” Mr. McLaughlin said. “We are not owned or controlled by big business. We are and have always been the party of the people. 

“Mr. Bush appears to have forgotten his recent connection to many of the [coalition] candidates. He needs to recall who he appointed as chairman of Cayman Airways when he took office in 2009, who he supported to chair the Constitution Commission, who he appointed to chair the Financial Services Council and who he appointed to the various Immigration Boards. The records will show that these individuals are now [coalition] candidates.” 

Candidates, positions 

During Tuesday night’s public meeting held outside the Bodden Town post office, Mr. Bush announced what he termed “good news” – that Jonathan Piercy would again be seeking election with the UDP in George Town.  

Mr. Piercy ran with the UDP in 2009, but was unsuccessful.  

Also, joining the UDP group on stage Tuesday night was attorney Theresa Pitcairn, who spoke in support of the party. Ms Pitcairn ran in Bodden Town as an independent candidate in 2009 and was also not successful. She did not explicitly state Tuesday whether she would not join with the UDP for 2013, but it is expected she will be a candidate.  

UDP Bodden Town chapter chairman Chris Saunders, who has also been named as a candidate in the district, set out some of the positions he said the party would support if elected to run the government after May.  

Mr. Saunders said the UDP would seek to “regulate the price of fuel in these Islands” and expand the offerings of the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company with an eye to improving choice and potentially reducing healthcare costs. Mr. Saunders also promised that the UDP would not agree to cutting public servants’ jobs any further.  

The sentiment was echoed by Mr. Bush: “You can see… by the papers the other day that they are now moving in a direction, that I wouldn’t let them. It seems like that they are going hell-bent now to remove civil servants, I don’t know how they’re going to do it, we’ll see.” 

Mr. Saunders also said it was a “misconception” that government could run like a business, because departments like police, fire, public works and the like could not reasonably be expected to make a profit.  

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  1. By what I am made to understand from some of the Bodden Town people, is that the two expected candidates Theresa Pitcarin and Chris Saunders will pull many votes in that district.
    along with Dwayne Seymour and Mark Scotland. Bodden Towners as I understand do not want to return the PPM neither are they planning to support independent runners.

  2. The UDP are a joke. MAC actually think people will believe him after what he has done to our country. He has SHAMED is in the international arena.

    He has sullied the office of the Premier. He is NOT in a position to talk about people cash for anything when he has SOLD this country to the lowest of the low.

    He has paved the way for our country to become the laughing stock of the world. Do NOT presume to speak for MY country sir. YOU HAVE LOST THAT RIGHT!

    I hate that he is still getting media coverage when so many other deserving candidates out there are far more worthy, of the ink and paper.

    I pray that Bodden Towner are not so gullible as to believe that voting in MAC and his MERRY MEN is the only option they have.

    Please for the love of GOD send some one else in other than they two LACKYS you sent in last time.


    ELLIO SOLOMON ONCE SAID ON LIVE TELEVISION THAT IN CAYMAN AND I QUOTE ThE ONE WITH THE MOST MONEY WINS!!! Thats how they feel about us all, we can be bought, this is why he (MAC) is up in arms about what the Uk plans to do this election..sending in a group to oversee the elections process.

    Please Cayman, give both the PPM and UDP a good break. Vote for the independents that are out there.

  3. I don’t think any of these guys could even run a bath, let alone a small country. Although they could probably put the job to run a bath out to tender, and then either renege on the agreement when the bath was half-full, or just let their friends do it and give them some cash.

    I fear for Cayman!

  4. What gall this man has with his divide and conquer strategy. This man wants absolute power by any means necessary to achieve that end. That end is to pull the strings of everyone in these Islands. This man has no shame, conscience or feelings except for controlling and maintaining power. That was evident in his nation building scheme. This was evident in his trying to award a destructive contract and was smacked on the hands. This was evident when he did nothing to get our 6 million form his friend. He only cares about power and if you support his aims. This man has lost his way and it seems that there are many people that can’t see this.
    This is a special time in these Islands where we have to fish or cut bait. There is no standing on the side lines.
    Power by any means is something we as a people must reject.

  5. The public needs to know that they are pawns in a very subtle game. The end result is to return McKeeva Bush to power and this is exactly how he is going to achieve it.
    1. Get his associates to form C4C, paint them as an opposition similar to PPM (by publicly criticizing them – pure genius!), therefore diluting PPM to where UDP only need a small percentage to win GT and BT.
    2. Publicly berate the UK as to appear to be a good shepherd standing up for the sheep of Cayman.
    Believe me, the UK are fine with this. It is all part of a carefully orchestrated strategy.
    Laugh at me now, but I can assure you when May comes, you’ll be re-installing the former premier as the 3rd premier of the Cayman Islands.
    After this, what is left of what was known as the Cayman Islands will be divided up among the same old characters.
    You write McKeeva Bush off at your own peril.

  6. So if Mr. Duckworth says they are not the party of the moneyed, then I guess that some of those brotherhood candidates on his party with the 2 million dollar yachts are the ordinary Joe’s right? What did they ever do for the country but turn their nose up at the regular folk? Just ask some of those lawyers who were kept down by some of those poor law firm partners who once they made it to the top, kept them all out!

  7. The Bodden Towners must remember that it is the UDP that is putting the dump in their district. They need to wake up and stop sleeping. They are drowning in their neighbourhoods for want of proper drains. People need to stop saying the PPM is this or that. Unnah gave the UDP a second chance and they mashed up the country and claimed say it was the PPM. Furthermore, the PPM gave us tangible assets that we can see and touch, the UDP took our best assets away and gave it to one man, DART! So, as for the Bodden Towners supporting UDP again, they should not be fooled twice. At least they got a lot of things accomplished by the PPM, and if they put them back the PPM will not allow that dump to be placed there, but putting Teresa, Chris, Mark and Dwayne back will only continue with the suffering that district has seen since May 2009. So Bodden Towners, stop and think about the PPM once more, and really think about them. When they were in power they didn’t waste money traveling the world calling it looking for business, and still not coming back with any the way the UDP spanned it. The UDP and their croonies have used up more passports than most Presidents!! The PPM spent money, and we can see what it was spent on. THE UDP spent our money, and we still cannot see what it was spent on. Plus the UDP had their disciples up in the Govt. hampering all the PPM was doing, they didn’t fire them when they got in office like the UDP did. The UDP cost us how much when they put those three women out of work, they had to pay them for every day and these women wasn’t doing one thing. Yes, that’s how it is done folks, they talk about all the bad PPM did, but look at how much MORE the schools and office building cost us after the UDP took over. They made changes and ran up the cost even more with their pompus attitude, so let us be real. The PPM was not a BAD THING FOR THIS COUNTRY!!!