Payroll tax: Cayman compared to the competition

Many of the Cayman Islands’ competitor jurisdictions have taxes on income, wages and or payroll, although none impose greater taxes on expatriates than locals.  

Unless otherwise specified, the information below was gathered from member firms of KPMG International Cooperative, and does not include information on deductions, exemptions, or special cases for international business activities.  

The rates also do not necessarily include taxes levied by smaller governmental entities, in the United States for example, by states, counties or cities.  


Income tax of 3 per cent paid by employee, plus 3 per cent paid by employer  

Self-employed income tax of 6 per cent  

Social security tax of 5 per cent paid by employee, plus 5 per cent paid by employer  

Total tax: 16 per cent of income 



Total tax: 9.8 per cent of income 


Bermuda (from Bermuda government)  

Total tax: 5.75-24 per cent of income, plus US$3,161.60 


British Virgin Islands 
(from BDO and BVI government)  

Total tax: 18.5-22.5 per cent of income 



Total tax: 39.8-55.8 per cent of income 



Total tax: 32.5 per cent of income 


Hong Kong  

Total tax: 12-27 per cent of income 



Total tax: 36.75-62.75 per cent of income 


Isle of Man  

Total tax: 23.8-43.8 per cent of income 



Total tax: 40 per cent of income 



Total tax: 32.5 per cent of income 



Total tax: 15-55 per cent of income 


South Africa 

Total tax: 18-40 per cent of income 


United Kingdom  

Total tax: 45.8-75.8 per cent of income 


United States  

Total tax: 25.3-40.3 per cent of income 

Compared to the competition 


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