Park rangers appreciated

I would like to throw my support behind Ann Wall in her well-written article in Thursday’s Cayman Compass supporting the park rangers at the Barkers.

My wife and I have been coming to the Cayman Islands for 20 years and I have been fishing at the Barkers all that time. We purchased a property here in 2000 and now spend our winters here on the Island.

I fished 100 days straight at the Barkers last year. I have seen this area evolve from a national disgrace to a national treasure since the park ranger program has been instituted.

In the past, in particular, the last half mile of the park along the ocean would have a 7-8 foot wide swath of trash that would range from one to two feet in depth.

I would see hypodermic syringes with needles, used condoms, broken glass bottles and every other sundry thing you can imagine amassed in these huge piles.

Now, this is the people’s park finally cleaned up, safe and maintained by park rangers.

I have been amazed at the increased utilisation recently by people walking their dogs, having picnics, or just bringing their children down to fish or play along the shoreline.

The Barkers National Park has finally become was it was intended to be, a beautiful, safe, semi-remote area that is unique. I fear that without the park rangers there, it would soon revert to the bad old days.

Gerry Saparoff

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