Teen arrested in officer's wounding

Royal Cayman Islands Police arrested a 19-year-old man Tuesday on suspicion of assault causing grievous bodily harm and damage to property.

Police said the arrest is connected with an incident in East End where a police officer was injured Saturday morning.

According to initial reports, the RCIPS officer who served in the Uniform Support Group was hospitalised after emergency surgery overnight Saturday with a serious head injury.

According to police, the officer – part of an armed patrol team monitoring what was described as a “disturbance” involving a large crowd in East End – was struck by an object to the head around 1.45am Saturday.

According to reports received by the Caymanian Compass, the officer was struck in the head with a rock during an altercation and was brought to the hospital unconscious with a skull fracture.

Police had been called to the scene near the Pirates Cove bar a few hours earlier, having received reports of tyres being burned and illegal drug use in the area. Bar management said the incident did not occur on their property.  

Police officers said a party was in progress at the location, with more than 100 people in attendance. Officers checked out the situation, then returned to their patrol car only to find their front tyres had been punctured.

Armed officers were deployed to the scene and it was in the same general area where the armed patrolman was struck in the head.



  1. Exactly what is needed to improve Cayman’s failing reputation as holiday destination. Who are these louts who have violent parties late at night in East End? Are they Caymanians? Tourists off cruise boats? Cubans? We must be told. Arrest them all and let us know.

  2. Earlier reports mentioned flattening the officers tires so there were some looking for trouble.
    To the earlier contributor, denial is a wonderful thing but a crowd like that spells East Enders.

  3. NJ2Cay: The report states (from the RCIPS) the officer …. was struck by an object to the head and it later says, According to reports received by the Caymanian Compass, the officer was struck in the head with a rock

    Sounds to me like he was hit on the head with a rock…… To say the rock was thrown is a presumption. How true that presumption turns out to be we will have to wait and see.

  4. A 19 year old young man doing this act of violence. Parents I know it is hard to tell what your children will get into when they go out for a night of fun, but if you train them right at home they will think first before hiting a cop in the head with a rock causing such severe damage. If we do not controll our children at home we will cry for them when they go out.

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