Renee shoots for Scotland kudos

Renee Lindo is eager to show her growth in Cayman netball.

Lindo is a member of the national Under-21 team. Lindo, 19, started playing netball at primary school in year three. She states her duty is to show her prowess in the sport.

“This may sound cheesy but honestly, I love everything about netball,” Lindo said. “As mentioned earlier, I started playing when I was quite young. I’ve loved the game ever since. It has helped me developed into the person I am today. The game has taught me discipline which I lacked quite a bit as a child. Netball has refined me.

“Playing netball has forced me to think about others, not only my teammates but additionally even my opponents. I always feel like I have a duty to live up to the expectations of my team and it has made me push myself to be the best possible version of me on and off the court. Furthermore, just playing the game itself has always been enjoyable to me. It has been my release growing up.

“When I play netball I feel like I’ve become apart of a separate existence of life; where there is just the ball, my teammates and our opponents and nothing else matters.”

The Cayman Islands Netball Association has its top juniors preparing for the World Youth Netball Championships in Glasgow, Scotland this August. The world championships, happening 22-31 August, take place every four years with the last event on the Cook Islands in 2009. Australia are the reigning champions and some 20 countries will be participating this year.

Lindo is one of 15 girls on the roster, with 12 expected to make the trip to Glasgow. The other ladies are Alexis Carias, Kimberly David, Noviann McLean, Brittany Mobley, Hailee Robinson, Olivia Samuels, Charlotte Shepheard, Alexia Walton, Roxanne Walton, Sheynae Watson, Aaliyah Webb, Martika Williams, Terry-Ann Williams and Rosemarie Wilson.

The team will be headed by national coach Gillian Lee, who has put the girls through training at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex netball courts since September.

Lindo states playing in Glasgow will be a huge honour.

“It will mean everything. Cayman has given me a lot and I believe that it is my duty to return the favour. I have represented my country before and it was an honour and I would love to again.”

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