New blue book tells voters where to go

The latest Official Register of Electors, informally referred to as the voters list, was released moments after midnight on 1 April on the Elections Office website, with physical copies distributed the next day. 

This register, for the second quarter of 2013, is the one in force for Cayman’s general election on 22 May. 

It is important because it lists not only the names of individuals who may vote, but also where they must go in order to cast their ballots.  

“You can vote only at the station assigned,” said Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez. 

Cayman’s six electoral districts are divided into polling divisions, which are geographical areas. Voters are assigned to a division according to their home address. At the polling division, voters are assigned to a polling station according to the first letter of their last name. 

Deputy Supervisor of Elections Colford Scott said the number of polling stations has been increased this year to accommodate the increased number of voters. “In the last election, we used eight polling stations in West Bay,” he explained at a recent training session for election workers. “That number has been increased to 10.”  

Bodden Town will also increase to 10 polling stations and George Town will have 18. 

Inside each station will be at least four voting booths, so that more than one person can be voting at any time. 

Mr. Scott said the number of voters assigned to each station range between 333 and 580. 

One thing that has not changed is the amount of time allowed for the holding of elections – with polls opening at 7am and closing at 6pm, there are 660 minutes in which voters can make their choices. Election officials expect that voting will be spread throughout the day, but if anyone is waiting in line at 6pm, he or she will be allowed to cast a ballot. 

Election officials are asking voters to present their elector registration cards, also known as voter ID cards, to speed up the process, since poll clerks will be asking for identification before a ballot is issued. 

“Years ago we knew everybody,” Mr. Gomez said, “but that is no longer the case.” 

Voters who had a registration card previously may pick up their new ones from the Elections Office on Smith Road and new voters may now apply for a card. 

If it is not possible to get a card before 10 May, voters are asked to bring some form of photo identification such as a driver’s 
licence or passport. 

But no one will be disenfranchised, Mr. Gomez said. The Elections Law provides for questions that may be put to a person presenting himself as a voter and that person may be asked to take an oath of identity – if they lie, it’s a major 
offence, he said. 

For the record, the final number of registered voters for the May election is 18,492. By district, the numbers are: George Town, 7,441; Bodden Town, 4,550; West Bay, 4,220; Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, 1,041; East End, 641; North Side, 599. 


West Bay Post Office 

Hell Service Station 

Four Winds Esso 

*Foster’s Food Fair (Republix –West Bay) 



East End Post Office 

*Foster’s Food Fair (E.E.) 

East End Clinic 



*George Town Post Office 

*Airport Post Office 

*Kirk Supermarket 

*George Town Hospital 

*Gov. Admin. Building 

*Hurley’s Supermarket 

*Foster’s Food Fair (Strand) 

*Foster’s Food Fair (Airport) 

*Jose’s Service Centre 

*Walkers Road Texaco 

*A.L. Thompson’s 
 Home Depot 

*Smith Road Centre 

*SMB Post Office 

*CICSA CO-OP Credit Union 


Jack’s Esso 

Chisholm’s Grocery 

*North Side Post Office 



West End Post Office 

Creek Post Office 

Spot Bay Post Office 

Stake Bay Post Office 

Watering Place Post Office 

Kirkconnell’s Supermarket 

Market Place 

Billy’s Supermarket 



Bodden Town Post Office 

Savannah Post Office 

Bodden Town Clinic 

*Lorna’s Texaco 

*Foster’s Food Fair (Country Side) 



District Officer’s Residence 

Village Square 




Logistics Officer Theophilus Pencil prepares to distribute the new blue-covered voters lists as Elections Office manager Tosca Connor reminds him to bring back the old orange-covered revised lists.
Photo: Carol Winker

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