Solutions instead of food

Much has been made about food at political meetings. A refreshing idea would be for candidates to give the electorate solutions instead of refreshments.

Answers should be provided for high unemployment, huge numbers on government assistance and our dysfunctional police force trying to fight rising crime. This could be followed by a past bending exercise of strict undertaking upon election.

There will be no epiphany for successful candidates as our problems will remain following election day. Those presently without concrete solutions should not expect them to fall from above.

It may be that the electorate should not play all their cards if candidates are keeping their hands close to their chest.

Massive advertising campaigns and social networking cannot surmount the face to face. Candidates should come to meetings prepared to speak about the economy, jobs and neighbourhood security. For the most part, we have been exposed to wandering minds and wayward tongues.

Grateful as we are for some competition among the candidates the first is awaited to spring free and serve up some cold reality. The bondage of lodge or other association should not deter revelations or going gospel with the nation. Be unafraid of isolation in principle. The misinformed or reticent will find their votes being eaten on election day.

Peter Polack


  1. Last night in the Boddentown candidate meeting one of the candidates listed all the taxes he would drop to lower the cost of living for the voters but he never mentioned how he would replace that loss of revenue. The voters must not be fooled by idle promises.
    Thus the name silly season.

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