Rainbow hurlers are legendary


The Rainbow Legends are currently the top team in local darts. 

The squad sits in first place in the Cayman Islands Darts Association 2013 national league. Amazingly, Rainbow Legends were last in the league with one point after eight weeks of play.  

Association venue inspector Cassius Anglin states many players have been on point. 

“The leading female Most Valuable Player candidates are Liza Nanez with 25 points, who is the only female to have thrown a perfect score of 180, and Michelle Terry with 24 points, who has the female high finish of 110,” Anglin said. “Rosyl de Guzman and Miriam Rodriguez also have a good chance of winning the female MVP. 

“The top male players are Richard Campbell with 39 points and Hank Ebanks with 35 points. Reni de la Cruz has 31 points and Frank Martyr and Earl Smith are tied with 29 points. Neville Parker and Norrin Stewart are also close in the race for male MVP.” 

League games have been ongoing for over 10 weeks with games on Wednesday nights at the Mango Tree, Fidel Murphy’s, Triple Crown, Pirates Den and the Grand Caymanian. 

After Rainbow Legends, the league standings see team Illocandia in second, Fidel Murphy’s in third and Pink House fourth. Rounding out the table is Top Zero, Al La Kebab, Dart Vaders, The Expendables, Fil-Cay Pirates, Patriots and Breezeway Darters. 

The highest dart finish so far was produced by Eddie Ballantyne with a finish of 120 and Hank Ebanks had the best finish with 14 darts. Neville Parker, Mel Tagalog and Eugene De Guzman have the most perfect 180 scores with three apiece. 

Many league players were slated to take part in a round-robin tournament at the Mango Tree over the weekend. In addition, those hurlers compete in the Cayman versus Team Philippines monthly tournament. It takes place at the Mango Tree as well at the end of each month, with the next round of games slated for 27 April at 7pm. The Philippines led that series 3-1 heading into February. 

Anglin states those competitions are a major positive for local darts. 

“There has been an overall improvement in the game of darts due to the recent tournaments held at the Mango Tree. We are still a long ways off from being competitive at the international level.  

“We need to have more of these competitions locally in order to raise the level more and we are in the process of doing so. Then we will start to go through a selection process to see which players will best represent us overseas.” 

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