A life at sea part of presentation

The Cayman Islands National Museum speaker series, where academics and members of the community share their knowledge and views of the Cayman Islands’ history and culture, continues on Tuesday, 23 April. 

The talk on this occasion will be given by Captain Paul Hurlston, who will be speaking about a way of life that was once common among Caymanian men: life as a merchant seaman.  

With little work to be found on the island, for many years Caymanian men lived and worked aboard large, ocean going vessels. 

Many of them travelled the world in this way, crossing oceans and stopping in at ports in dozens of countries.  

The stories many of Cayman’s retired seafarers tell could make your hair stand on end – and provide a fascinating insight into a quite different way of life.  

Paul Hurlston, a retired sea captain who worked on steamships from the age of 22 will be leading this in-conversation event.  

Captain Paul grew up during the Second World War in South Sound. He witnessed the sinking of the Comayagua freighter by a German U-boat when he was just eight years old and miraculously avoided the sinking of the Daytona in 1955. 

During his seafaring career he travelled to destinations including New York, Trinidad and Guyana, encountering colourful characters, surviving epic storms and facing incredible dangers as well as seeing fascinating places.  

The talks take place in the Museum’s Audiovisual Theatre, beginning at 6pm. Admission is $10 for the general public and $6 for museum members. Complimentary refreshments will be provided.  


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