Editorial for 19 April: Hospital site creating jobs

Cement trucks traversing the road between George Town and
East End are a testament that work is progressing on Health City Cayman

They’re also a testament that people who have been out of
work are finally using their talents to earn money.

Former Premier McKeeva Bush long touted that projects such
as this one would help Caymanians get jobs.

His prediction has turned out to be correct.

Caledonia Construction’s supervisor reports that of the 80
to 85 workers he has on the site, 75 per cent are Caymanian. But there’s still
more people hanging around outside the job site looking for work.

At least they are looking and the ones who are showing up
daily are proof that yes, Caymanians are willing to work and do when jobs are
made available.

Health City isn’t slated to be finished until February of
next year, which means job stability for Caymanians at least for a while.

It is unfortunate that other projects that were slated
haven’t gotten off the ground.

Building a berthing dock at the dock in George Town would
have meant construction jobs for Caymanians if it had been tendered correctly.

Likewise, the proposed airport expansion could have created jobs.

The same could be said for the East End seaport proposal
that was shot down.

Another bright spot for those working on Health City is that
some of the workers have criminal records but are being given a second chance
and are proving their worth.

Once the outside work is complete at the hospital site,
workers will move indoors.

The plan is for the first phase of the 140-bed hospital to
open in March next year, giving even more Caymanians a chance to land a job.

The knock-on effect of Health City could mean more
construction in the districts of East End and North Side as apartments and
houses go up to house hospital workers.





  1. The East End seaport proposal that was shot down would indeed have created jobs. Digging holes in the centre of the streets of George Town would also create jobs. I just don’t see where it would be beneficial to anyone other than the person being paid to dig the holes, and the person selling the fill removed from the holes.

  2. Cayman Health City is definitely a lot better than the seaport would have been. But people also rallied against this as well, a lot of whom are now running for office, fortunately for us all it materialized and finally off the ground. Hopefully the next government will continue supporting the growth that is just starting to happen and not hamper it..

  3. NJ2Cay – I don’t recall any real opposition to the Shetty Hospital. Who exactly rallied against it that is currently running for office?

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