Students introduce ‘High Five’ initiative to improve Schooling

When students help to create class rules, they take ownership in them and will hopefully abide by them. 

At John Gray High School, students and staff have come up with the initiative “High Five” when it comes to being more responsible for their actions. 

Jessica Bodden, a student advocating the “High Five” venture, said she thinks the five components – respect, responsibility, right time, right place to achieve more – will improve the school’s curriculum and help children be punctual and successful. 

To give it a boost, sponsors like Burger King have assisted with colourful “High Five” posters highlighting the aspects of the initiative. 

“The new venture is hoped to bring out change at the school, but the real focus is on students”, said Sean Cahill, a representative from the Ministry of Education.  

Mr. Cahill joined students on a walking tour of the school to get a first-hand look at posters erected and to hear how students were promoting the venture. 

Ms Bodden said most of the students got involved after their teacher gave a talk on the subject in life skills class and during an assembly. 

According to school staff, the students were the ones who really pushed ahead with the “High Five” idea, which highlights what they want to accomplish at the school with teachers and students.  

“We are supporting the venture to give students the opportunity to hear their own voices in developing rules in partnership with other schools and peers,” said Principal Lyneth Monteith. “What we did was look to improve the school and find words to stand out that would make John Gray better.” 

To promote the idea even further students participated in a dress down day which assisted in creating wrist bands and T-shirts to be distributed. 

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