Renegades and soundwaves from a rare Caymanian talent

A new album promises the tale of a great love and adventure from conception to death with a sparkle of hope and an endless supply of imagination.  

Natasha Kozaily’s latest LP, “Serenading Renegades”, is due for release on 14 May, she says, but you can pre-order it online for only $1. 

That sales model, she notes, was in part inspired by hearing a technology, entertainment and design talk by pioneering ex-Dresden Doll artist Amanda Palmer. 

“Her theory is that digital music should be as free as possible and that it’s up to the audience to step up and support the artist directly. I really connected to this and thought it was a great idea and so I’m releasing my digital music on a ‘pay what you want’ basis. You choose your price and support the artist however you can.” 

“Serenading Renegades” is a title taken from a poem of Natasha’s about the beauty of the wild nature. 

“It also became the title of one of the story songs on the record about a boy and a group of renegades who wake up after a beautiful dream and march to the promise of change,” she tells us. “I have often felt like a renegade in the world, challenging ideas and conventions and choosing my own path despite societies’ expectations and the media. I feel this way about the music that I make as well.” 


Personal stuff  

The aforementioned overarching album theme is based, she says, on a very personal story. 

“[It’s about] a recent relationship of mine from the moment we met and fell in love to our break up and the rebirth of something new. Throughout the record I also take a couple detours from my personal narrative to tell the tale of imagined characters in the songs, “The Tiniest Elephant in the World”, “A Song About a Tree” and “Serenading Renegades”. 
“On a deeper level, you could say that these characters are projections of myself and how I was feeling at the time. But more importantly, is the ability these stories have to transport you momentarily to another world where you can find comfort in the realization that you are not alone and the only thing holding you back is the belief that you are,” explains the artist. 

The album was recorded in a ten-day period, very quick for such a layered and thoughtful set of songs that combine magical realism, flights of fancy and the soaring range for which Natasha is rightly feted. There’s hints of the Middle East, classical Western music, Kate Bush-esque vocal expression, acoustic-electro flirtations and independent spirituality – all filtered through a life spent as a self-described Caymanian gypsy. It represents the latest step forward in a rich journey for Natasha as an artist. 

Expect launch parties in the near future but for now the Caymanian musician has her sights set on some serious road work. 

“After spending the last couple months in such an intense creative mode, I’m looking forward to getting on the road and playing gigs and promoting the album this year,” concludes Natasha. 

The next set of adventures is surely set to begin for this rare talent. 

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