Dates set for mobile voting in Cayman

Thursday, 9 May, is deadline to apply

The Elections Office advises all electors and candidates in the Cayman Islands that mobile polling will be conducted in the districts starting on Friday, 10 May. All mobile polling takes place in advance of election day on 22 May. Applications for mobile polling must be received by Thursday, 9 May. 

Registered voters may apply for mobile polling if they are unable or likely to be unable to go to their polling station because of physical incapacity. In these cases, a mobile polling station will go to them at their residence, rest home or hospital.  

The second category of registered voters who may apply for mobile polling includes people who will be unable or likely to be unable to go to their assigned polling station because of the nature of their occupation, service or employment. 

Voters in this category will go to a static station in their district. 

Mobile polling was first used for the general election in 2009 after the Elections Law was amended to provide for this service. It should be noted that voters who are entitled to cast their ballot by mobile polling are not entitled to a postal ballot.  

It should also be noted that while election day is a public holiday, mobile voting days are regular workdays. 

There will be three mobile polling teams in the larger districts and two in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman to accommodate Sister Islands voters. 

In the districts of North Side and East End, the mobile team will maintain a static station during the morning and will visit homes and the rest home in the afternoon or sooner if those who opt to attend the static station vote early. 

All electors who have applied in Form C to vote by mobile polling may attend their static mobile polling station.  

Mobile voting takes place from 8am until 6pm on all days in the districts as follows: 

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, Friday, 10 May. Static station at Aston Rutty Centre in Cayman Brac and the Public Works employees’ quarters in Little Cayman. 

North Side, Monday, 13 May. Static station at Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre.  

East End, Monday, 13 May. Static station at William Allen McLaughlin Civic Centre. 

Bodden Town, Tuesday, 14 May. Static station at James M. Bodden Civic Centre. 

George Town, Wednesday, 15 May. Static station at Elections Office’s polling trailer, Smith Road Centre at 150 Smith Road. 

West Bay, Thursday, 16 May. Static station at Elections Office’s polling trailer by West Bay Public Library. 

The Elections Office will publish by Cayman Islands Gazette and in the media, at a date prior to commencement of mobile polling, the places that will be visited by mobile teams in all electoral districts.  

The application form is “Form C”, which can be obtained from the Elections Office in the Smith Road Centre or printed from its website at  

Candidates and their agents are reminded not to sign as witness any declaration by an applicant or person who assists an applicant. 

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