Ducks soaring thanks to Knapik strikes on Lightning

In the Youth Hockey League at King’s Sports Centre, KPMG Senators thrashed Penguins, 9-2.

Goals for KPMG came from Alex Agemian and Hunter Wilkoms (both 3) and Ryan Lloyd (2). Lloyd had three assists, Agemian two and Wyatt Hope and Wilkoms had one each.

The Penguins goals were scored by Jacob Walters and Josh McCarney.

The Jets had a thrilling game against Maples Leaf, winning 7-6 and the Marksmen beat the Ducks, 11-6, with Will Dyer outstanding for the Marksmen, scoring four with three assists.

PwC Jets were turbo charged by Ethan Finlason, who scored seven in their 11-6 victory over E&Y Eagles. Ryan Goodwin got the other four for the Jets. Bruins beat Ecay Traders, 5-4. Brad Lansdell scored four for Bruins and Nicholas McCallum got the other. Tommy Kehoe hit a hat trick for Ecay Traders.

Maples Leaf defeated KPMG, 6-4, thanks to a hat trick by Zach Bodden.

Jacob Walters hit four for Penguins, but they still lost to the Jets, 9-7. Kai Robinson-Allard and Adam Stainrod scored hat tricks for the Jets.

Cameron Smith snatched six goals for the Marksmen against Deloitte Hurricane but that match finished in an 11-11 tie. Andrew Hastings was the Hurricanes top scorer with four and one assist.

Highest scorer of the week was Kayden Knapik, who hit eight of the Ducks 11 goals and assisted twice against Lightning.

Jake Booker got three goals and six assists for the Ducks. Lightning’s to scorer of their seven was Jaedon Cover with three plus two assists.

Brad Lansdell scored seven times for the Bruins who beat PwC Jets, 11-4. Nicholas McCallum got a hat trick for Bruins and Ryan Goodwin scored four for the Jets.

There was a 6-6 tie between Ecay Traders and E&Y Eagles. Jabari Waldron scored a hat trick for the Traders and so did Justin Hastings for the Eagles.

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