Writ filed in Facebook libel case


North Side independent candidate Joey Ebanks will be sued for libel over comments on his Facebook page, it was confirmed this week. 

Lawyers representing Dan Scott, head of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission, filed a writ of summons with the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands against Mr. Ebanks, claiming damages for libel and slander. 

Mr. Scott is also seeking an injunction to prevent Mr. Ebanks from repeating his claims or similar information. 

It is the first time a libel claim has been brought in the Cayman Islands in connection with posts on Facebook. 

The claim centres on a diagram allegedly posted by Mr. Ebanks on the social networking website, accusing Mr. Scott of fascism. 

Paperwork accompanying the writ, filed with the court on 17 April, states that the claim is for, “Damages for libel against the defendant in respect of false and malicious statements transmitted or made available and thereby published … on the website Facebook by the defendant in the form of a pictorial diagram entitled, “The Cayman Islands Justice System – Cayman’s Journey to Fascism under the rule of the Scott brothers. Is this what we want?” 

The paperwork outlines a further claim for damages for slander in relation to comments allegedly made by Mr. Ebanks “at a public assembly” on 6 April. A third claim is made for damages in relation to “various defamatory publications”, made by the defendant since March 31, this year. 

The writ, filed by Maples and Calder law firm, states: “In the circumstances, the defendants said transmission, availability and/or publication of false and malicious statements were conducted to damage the plaintiff’s character and reputation.” 

It adds that Mr. Scott is also seeking action to stop Mr. Ebanks from publishing similar comments in the future through, “An injunction to restrain the defendant, whether by himself, his servants or agents or otherwise, from further speaking, publishing or causing to be published the same or any similar defamatory matter concerning the plaintiff.” 


  1. Well Joey you might as well take the whole Book, now Back and front cover because all pages has been definitely pitched at you.
    This 2013 election will cause a man to sue his own mother. God help us.

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