New roadway is a hazard

This is a cry for help from all the people of the Cayman Islands and the soon to be elected members of government to keep West Bay Road open.

Within the past few days I have witnessed several near accidents due to the changing of lanes, speeding, over taking and just careless driving.

It is just a matter of time before a fatal accident occurs.

This can be prevented by keeping West Bay Road open so the people who so choose can have a safer way to travel to and from West Bay. Give us a choice, an alternative, don’t force us to use the Dart Speedway. I do not want to lose my life or see any of my family or friends killed because of a hotel or the greed of the developer. Voters, ask your candidate if they are willing to fight to keep West Bay Road open; therefore, helping to save the lives of their constituents and giving them a safer way home.

I have lived on Grand Cayman for 32 years and have seen all the hotels open, except the old Holiday Inn where I was manager for several years and as a matter of fact I opened several of the others as the first general manager and not one asked to have a road changed or closed just to suit them.

As a matter of fact, the Hyatt was told that when the by-pass was extended it would pass through their tennis courts, which it did. They lost some of their property instead of gaining.

There is no precedent for this.

The new speedway is an accident waiting to happen. Give us the choice to live or die!

Remember, the life you help save could be your own.

Nelson Crance


  1. So every road needs a duplicate so dangerous people can drive on one, and safe people can drive on another? Riiiight. Makes sense.

  2. Whether you agree with the closure of Westbay Road or not, the underlying issue of safety on the new bypass extension is very real.

    Having lived next to the bypass slightly further south, I can attest to the almost daily (well, nightly) reliving of what must be try-outs for the new Fast and the Furious movie. Perhaps our foundering police services could fill some of the gaps in their income by staging 4 or 5 officers at intervals down the new ‘Dart Speedway’ to catch and penalize the reckless idiots who endanger everyone around them.

  3. I travel the new road at the speed limit and am blown past constantly. I have yet to see the police on the road. They need the big Electric signs posting the speed you are going to train the would be organ donors that are looking to kill themselves on this stretch of road.

  4. The road itself is not the issue here. The problem is reckless driver and no one to keep them in check. Do not blame a developer or a road for individual peoples actions. With all the financial issues Cayman is currently having why is there not a speed camera on this road that would snap photos of speeding cars so they can be fined no need to even chase them ? This would bring in greatly needed funds to the economy as well as remove reckless drivers from the road after repeated infractions. Just increase the fines, revoke people licenses for speeding and this will start to diminish..

    Using this as a cry to keep open a road that is already closed is useless. And people should realize that anyone running for office saying that they will reopen the road if they are elected is straight lying because they know it cannot be done at this point so look at them for the liars they are. Just ask them how they are going to do it..

  5. Why are you people still complaining about the road closure? Have you seen how far along they are? Do you really think work will just stop and an unfinished road just left there? Please be realistic and act like you have some kind of common sense. Majority of WBR is still open, and you have the choice to drive on it right up to public beach. The new road has had so many positive impacts to that side of the island. Firstly traffic is a lot less at peak hours, secondly you dont have inconsiderate bus drivers slamming brakes infront of you almost causing accidents on a daily basis just to pick up passengers, nor do we have tourists running across this highway and looking at the wrong side of the road, eliminating predestrian casualties. It does not matter which road you are on to be in danger of careless driving or speeding. There is a risk involved driving on any road on this island. It all boils down to the fact of Driver’s Education and the government hiring incompetent drving instructors, as half of them just make you take them to around running errands and pass you. When was the last time the driving examination process has been revampt? The Cayman Islands must be one of the easiest places to get a driver’s license. Why not implement a Driver’s Ed class in the schools? That would a great start to teaching good drving habits to teens before they even get on the road. Think before you say non sense, it makes the Cayman community seem extremely ignorant to progress and development of these islands.

  6. I think the new road is brilliant, I don’t think it should be treated like the placid Westbay Road is/was.

    We don’t need signs posting how fast people are driving, we need POLICE stopping them from driving that fast in the first place.

  7. Maaaannnn NJ2Cay you are a good yute with common sense! You talk it like you see it. I would love to see more comments like this, rather than ones that make me regret even logging on to this web site. As to you people still living in lalaland….. WAKEUP!!!

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