Editorial for 02 May: Campaign sign damage stupid

To all in the Cayman Islands who believe it’s a diverting
use of a Friday or Saturday night to go out and tear down, deface, destroy or
steal political campaign signs, we have a message today.

Your actions are juvenile, futile and a waste of everyone’s
time. Please stop it now and use your evenings more productively, for instance,
by reading up on the issues that really affect this campaign in our
CompassPoint Election section on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We at the Caymanian Compass are becoming quite annoyed at
the number of incidents being reported to us by the candidates. We’ve had
reports and seen photographs of signs being slashed, being torn down – even one
with a crude drawing of a pirate eye-patch over the candidate’s face.

It may sound amusing for readers, but in reality, this type
of childish nonsense is just about the lowest form of political debate one can
engage in.

We can imagine a group of kids, or worse, grown adults,
fumbling around with billboards in the pitch dark giggling about how they’re
going to “fix these guys today”. We wonder if such people even realise the
gravity of the situation this country will face within the next four years and
the importance of the decision they will have to make for their children’s

Somehow, we doubt it.

No one political interest or candidate group is clean in
this activity. Many candidates have been affected in one way or another by
these ridiculous acts of vandalism.

However, this news organisation is not going to waste one
hour of any journalist’s valuable time covering such incidents. We believe all
it will do is encourage more fools to go out and commit more destructive acts
rather than paying attention to who should be running the country after this

Let’s focus on what really matters on 22 May.


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