Kirk Freeport dazzle Coldwell Banker while Conyers stay flawless

It was another exciting game last Saturday played between Kirk Freeport and Coldwell Banker.  

With a win on their back, Coldwell came out playing a strong defensive game and Kirks wanted to show that they would not be beaten so easily again. Coldwell’s pitcher Immuel Duran and Luke Novak on first base started the game out strong by getting out Kirks’ leadoff man Justin Parsons.  

A slew of strikeouts only allowed Kirks to bring in one runner. Kirks were not willing to give up their early lead and secured a series of outs in the bottom of the first inning. Pitcher Brandon Jackson managed to make several awesome throws to Jaziah Johnson on first base and got three of the Coldwell players out after a game-tying score by Demae Lee.  

The second inning had a strong defensive showing again from both teams, which kept the score low. Jadon Jimenez of Coldwell made a quick play to third, which got Jaziah out. It wasn’t until the third inning that Kirks managed to break from Coldwell’s tight defence and brought in five runs.  

Kirks’ first four batters all got on base, but Coldwell’s defence started coming back and managed to get hard hitting Edmund Pileta out on first. Jaziah, confident to hit after a strikeout and an out on third in the previous innings, hit a ball to the outfield, which gave Kirks the only home run of the day. 

Coldwell entered the bottom of third inning batting with full force, despite hard efforts by Ruby on pitcher and Michael on first. Led by strong at-bats from Dylan Novak, Demae Lee, Luke Novak and Immanuel Duran, Coldwell managed to score three runs to lead off the inning. But Coldwell were unable to keep the momentum going and came up short closing the game, 8-4, in Kirks’ favour.  

Conyers met up with their rivals HSBC on Saturday and continued their dominance of the Pony Little League with a convincing 14-6 win, keeping their undefeated season alive. All around good heads up baseball led to the win, but coming up with some clutch hitting was Kaiden “KJ” Iton with a huge three-run home run in the first inning for Conyers. 

Strong defence from Johnathan Rado, Luis Clarke and Jahron Barnes kept HSBC at bay and limited their runs batted in. Two home runs each from Jaeden Pouchie and Alejandro Holness counted for four of the six runs HSBC scored, with the other two runs coming from the bat of William Powery, who batted in Samuel Harding.  

Conyers can attribute their successful season to strong team work, encouragement and commitment to practice and improving. They continue next Saturday as they take on Logic in their second to last regular season game. 

In the third game, Appleby lost to Logic in the bottom of the third inning, after being unable to produce the runs needed to catch up. Appleby, as the home team, gave up five runs to Logic in the first inning when they batted through their lineup and returned with four runs, with two homers and three of the four runs coming from Katriona Williams and Arianna Anglin. 

Appleby held Logic in the second with strong defence and were able to return with four more runs in the bottom of the second inning with the leadoff hitter getting a hit and then scoring for a “girl-powered” game for Appleby.  

With an 8-5 lead, in favour of Appleby, going into the third and final inning, Logic – also a team heavy with girl star performers – scored six runs going through their lineup. Appleby was only able to respond with one run in return to end the game at 11-9 in favour of Logic. 

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