Elections Office warns: complaints of Bribery need to be in writing

Vandalism of candidates’ signs also a concern

Allegations of bribery have been brought to the attention of the Elections Office, prompting Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez to issue a statement on the matter. 

There have been complaints of some candidates providing house repairs and promises of future favours to electors in the districts in which they are candidates, Mr. Gomez said. 

“The Elections Office wishes to advise that it cannot act on complaints alone unless the person or persons complaining are willing to come forward and provide a written statement. While the police are ready and willing to deal with such matters, it is a waste of their time and that of the Elections Office to have complaints being made and the persons complaining then refusing to cooperate.” 

Another matter of concern to election officials is the ongoing vandalism of candidates’ posters and other signage displayed in the various electoral districts. 

“This type of irresponsible behaviour cannot be tolerated,” Mr. Gomez said. 

“In order to deliver free and fair elections, everyone in the community needs to participate in a positive way. Those individuals who commit such acts of vandalism should be ashamed of themselves and are reminded that all perpetrators, if caught, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” 


  1. I might be wrong but I doubt politicians bribe people to vote for them by doing house repairs. Also how I look at it is if you have an MLA/Minister who is serving a term of 4 years and know you have a suffered situation and they do not see that your life is made more comfortable through the right channels, then they do not need your support. I do not believe a politician should assist a person’s dire situation through their own pockets, but I believe they should attend to this with open transparency through the Government, hiding nothing. 75% of the politicians I do not trust because I have known many of them to lie to the people, and that is the number one reason not to trust them. I would say get to know your politician well. What and where has that person been, and doing since the past 4 years. If you have to search your brain for an answer, then why support them. Your politician, or intended politician should be able to show where and what they have been doing before asking for your support. Give this some careful thought before voting for someone, and do not let them promise you anything. That is a dead horse after May 22nd.

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