We all need equal rights to participate

“Mr. McKeeva Bush is a nice guy, he did the best he could, he meant no harm”; an observation of a North Side Caymanian nearly three quarters of a century old.

As to my 30 years of residency and naturalised citizenship I concur.

A comparison of his time as premier is to be weighed by the matching of wits between a Caymanian whose trust, love and loyalty was engendered by birth in Cayman to national world leaders who are experienced in deception and expect negotiations to be premised upon illusory promises of binding good faith. We may be vulnerable, but our trust is based upon the integrity and love of our country and the blessings of God.

Comparing our emergence to the historic growth of nations, we are but an obscure mouse who will someday be recognised as “ A Mouse that Roared”. Take refuge in the battle of a small commonwealth that had less than a church mouse and at an historic stance in the “Battle of Concord and Lexington” fire a musket the sound of which was “Heard Round the World, a roar of recognition. Ultimately it created the growth of a nation, which became imbedded in an alliance with Great Britain as one in being and principal and an alliance that will remain forever.

Historically, it has been etched in stone to take pride and love for yourself, your country and the guidance of God. Not to develop a lazy attitude but to take hold of the mistakes performed and to right their omission by correcting the wrong. It is to be our foresight to right our path and journey to foster the development of an educated society and a more perfect government.

Through our common law the past errors of our government can in part be rectified under the concept of eminent domain to be exercised for the advancement of the rights of the people.

To this end, the soon-to-be-elected Legislative Assembly, has an immediate priority to amend our constitution to enunciate needed reform.

To identify some of the categories without a definitive order of preference, but as a matter of suggestion: Government must be of the people, by the people and not to the exclusion “for the people”.

The present design of proportionate representation, some or even the majority of the governed are denied equal right of representation in the Assembly.

People in various districts are not afforded an opportunity to elect a candidate at large, but to vote for a representative who will not have an opportunity of equality in the administration, promulgation of legislation and to the election of a successor premier.

The North Side Caymanian noted above may feel as she may about McKeever Bush but will never have the right to cast a ballot in accordance with her preference.

This is not a government by the people for want of the equal right of participation.

The administration and the legislation will see better days and compliance with democracy through an elected republic.

Economy is to give recognition that is sorely needed for the preservation of our continued existence.

Education programmes should be designed with current day advancement, the days of attendance, lack of boring redundancy, technology as it exists beyond the past implementation of our benefactor Horace Mann.

The ministry of police is to be identified with reformative direction, supervision and control.

Prison reform must be addressed in its entirety

The aforementioned is not all inclusive but a suggestion of the obvious.

Paul Gargano

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