Editorial for 07 May: Chamber’s forums useful

We have to tip our hat and say thank you to the Cayman
Islands Chamber of Commerce for the recent spate of candidate forums.

Although not all candidates participated, for a variety of
reasons, the forums provided an excellent opportunity for the average man and
woman to ask questions that are important to them in the upcoming 22 May
election, which is a mere two weeks away.

While candidates continue to hold their own meetings, which
we encourage them to do, many times those in attendance are already supporters.

The forums took away the pep rally aspect of individual
candidate meetings and had hopeful politicos answering key questions on the
vital issues of this election year.

The Caymanian Compass was proud to be a sponsor of the
forums because we believe it is vital that every voter in the Cayman Islands
goes to the polls equipped with the facts on where each candidate stands on the
issues facing our country.

In the run up to the election in a few short weeks, the
Caymanian Compass will continue to address the issues that are important to us
all with candidates’ responses.

At present we are putting together our Voters Guide in which
we have asked candidates their opinions on the following:

How do you propose to reduce 10.5 per cent Caymanian

What is the best thing elected representatives can do to
reduce crime?

What departments/agencies in the civil service are no longer
needed in your view? Please state why.

We’re still waiting on some candidates to get back with us
with their answers.

Again, we find it disconcerting when we and other media
houses give candidates a free platform to let the voters and others know of
their opinions on the issues and they don’t respond.

We hope that everyone availed themselves of the chamber

If not, we implore you to get as much information about the
candidates you plan to vote for as you can. Know where they stand on the issues.


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