Editorial for 08 May: Heroes on track with Cayman

Kudos to Cayman’s own Cydonie Mothersill-Stephens for
bringing us what could be the best Cayman Invitational yet.

The action starts this afternoon at the Truman Bodden Sports

While those behind the scenes have been working diligently
to bring us this spectacular sporting event, excitement mounted yesterday with
the arrival of Usain Bolt.

Because of our close familial relationships with Jamaica, we
consider Usain to be one of our own, albeit adopted, athletes.

It is a given that many of our youngsters will receive
inspiration from Usain as well as the other athletes at today’s meet, including
local heroes Kemar Hyman, Ronald Forbes, Jon Rankin, Carl and Carlos Morgan and
Tyrell Cuffy.

As part of the Cayman Invitational meet, KyStar Athletics
has included a series of appearances and presentations by the visiting athletes
to be made throughout Cayman’s schools and an athletics youth camp. Cydonie
wants to help develop more Olympic athletes in the Cayman Islands. We certainly
appreciate and applaud her efforts.

There will be more than 100 top athletes at today’s
invitational and we welcome them all, as well as those who travelled with them.

We hope that they get to experience some genuine Caymanian

And if you see Cydonie, tell her thanks and congratulate her
for getting behind the idea of sports tourism for the Cayman Islands and
pushing it through.

This is the second year Cayman is hosting the invitational;
an event that is sure to grow bigger and bigger with each passing year.

The event is listed on the North American, Central America
and Caribbean Athletics Association calendar as an area permit meet, and is
certified by NACAC (the governing body for athletics for national and
multinational track federations within North America, Central America and the
Caribbean) and sanctioned by the Cayman Islands Athletic Association.

The Caymanian Compass is proud to be a sponsor of this
important event.