Governor headed to Mexico

Taylor set for ambassador post

Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor has been appointed the United Kingdom’s new Ambassador to Mexico and will be leaving the Cayman Islands much sooner than the expiry date of his current contract.

Mr. Taylor confirmed the move, which has been in the works with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office for some time, on Thursday.

“Mexico is really a very interesting country; they have their crime problems and it affects the image of the country,” Mr. Taylor said during a telephone interview. “They’re fast becoming one of our most important trading partners, I believe their economy is now the 13th largest in the world.

“I realise it will be fundamentally different from the job here.”

Mr. Taylor – a career diplomat with the UK foreign service – is well-suited to the ambassador’s position having extensive experience in the Spanish-speaking Americas and with both he and his wife Marie-Beatrice being Spanish-speakers.

“It’s certainly a nice job to go to,” he said.

The governor said he expected to leave Cayman sometime in August, although a firm date had not yet been fixed. His current one-year contract extension with the Cayman Islands runs through mid-January 2014.

He said he wasn’t sure who his replacement was going to be, but his staying on until August should give the British government and Her Majesty, the Queen enough time to choose one.

It also means Mr. Taylor will stay on to supervise the May general elections in the Cayman Islands and a few months afterward while the new government gets into place.

“Oh yes, not going to miss that,” he said.


  1. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!! There are others that need to go as well; they know themselves. Pardoning that young man was really wondeful and I am happy to know that a Caymanian youngster can continue to further his eduction, even though he made a mistake.

    Maybe Taylor did it to ‘redeem’ himself I guess before he leaves because I have never heard or it has indeed been ‘donkey years’ since a Governor has pardoned anyone in Cayman. This good deed of pardoning ironically came at this time. Why now?…just saying

  2. Im happy that this governor leaving ….hope he don’t be back soon the damage he don great
    We need years to recovers from that …. Please get visa when u tray come back ..hope the next UDP gov but you in banned list not to be allowed to be back

  3. Absolutely no doubt what this appointment to Mexico is all about.

    The Operation Tempura shi* is about to hit the fan, big time, and FCO want their guy out of the firing line.

    This judicial review on the FOI Commissioner’s ruling can only go one way.

    Any new governor that comes into the hot-seat in Cayman can say, ‘it wasn’t me, I had nothing to do with it’.

    One thing is quite evident here in the ‘bail-out’…

    The devil certainly protects his own !

  4. Good riddance! I certainly hope that if there is anything out there that needs to come out about this governor does so before he leaves. Yea, Mexicans are tough people. I’m sure they are ready for him.

  5. I am quite sure this move has surprised many people, considering that the police commissioner was just renewed for another 4 years. I think the move is a good one, because it seems as if the Governor was getting his hands into a lot of tar on the island, and people did not like the way he handled things. (Just a joke I am slipping in here What they say bad luck is worse than obeah)
    Now I believe the Commissioner of police need to find a crab hole in Mexico, because since the Governor was his Prop, I don’t know what he will do not except fall down. You are standing on your own bo bo.

  6. I find it rather sad that the comments of the Jordanian, whose ignorance I can ignore, would find such favour amongst our literate population at the site of our only daily newspaper.

    Some have criticized Governor Taylor for not acting more like a kindergarten teacher and hovering over the shoulders of our elected politicians, whilst others have criticized him for not letting those same politicians have free reign over everything.

    I believe that Governor Taylor has struck the right balance during his tenure, and democracy has given us the government we deserved. Let this be a lesson to us all.

    My mother always told me that there is no excuse for bad manners, since good manners didn’t cost you anything. I cannot apologize to Governor Taylor for the Jordanian’s remarks since he is not one of us and therefore I cannot speak on his behalf, but I’m sure the Governor and his wife are aware of the deep appreciation many have had for the contribution they have made to this country in their time here.

    Hasta la vista y buena suerte.

  7. I agree with your comments, Completely Baffled. Had Gov. Taylor been heavy-handed you would have heard loud complaints about British colonialism. He treated us with respect and mingled well with common people. He could often be seen at Market at the Grounds on a Saturday morning with no bodyguard in sight. He was a huge improvement from Stuart Jack.

    Never mind Jordanian. He’s just a McKeeva crony. You can’t expect any better from him.

  8. Governor Taylor please accept an apology from this Caymanian for the manufactured negative comments coming from a small number of UDP fanatics who have nothing better to do.

  9. This one ppm candidate have to say about the jordanian
    @azrigat he is a motivational speaker who delivered a very powerful message on of hope which we all need in cayman ….
    Thats is me the jordanian who have support of the poor and nice people in cayman
    How much the governor get support in 4 years i think if u look you can see
    I get support more than him you know why … Im for the poor he is not
    The jordanian who love the poor

  10. I am staggered by the bile and rudeness on display in this thread. Not much like the nice friendly people Caymanians like to maintain they are, to tourists and businesses. It makes one worry about the intrinsic stability of a community some members of which harbour and display such frankly evil feelings.
    I don’t think the small communities are like this school of thought sufficiently explains it.

  11. Governor Taylor, Good luck on your new assignment. As MacArthur so rightfully said; If you have enemies you have done something right. Thanks for the hard work. May calm winds and a following sea continue to mark you passage.

  12. Best wishes Governor Taylor. You have made great progress here in uncovering and exposing the negative issues that need to be rectified. History will show that you created a major turning point and redirection of the Islands government. How they follow through is another story. I look forward to hearing good stories on your diplomatic works in Mexico. Cheers and please send in the forensic accountants to completely right this listing ship.

  13. (Be thinking ) write your name why u afraid say who is you ..Ido say who I’m ..The jordanian
    Im not afraid .. If people as you afraid write there name what you call your self ….
    Long live freedom of speak .. Long live cayman and caymanian people
    Freedom fighter

  14. @Jordanian
    Sorry, I’m confused. You say you are not scared to give your name and your name is the Jordanian but that is not a name.

    It means you are a citizen of Jordan, an Arab country to the East of Israel.

    You are certainly welcome to post under a user name. But not to claim some sort of higher moral ground for using your real name when you have not.

  15. Some of these Vote numbers seem extraordinarily high.
    I don’t ever remember one commenter receiving over 400 Agrees or Disagrees; not on this site at least…CNS possibly.
    Very interesting to say the least.

  16. Banana Republic – That was also my thinking. I think these numbers are being manipulated by political hacks with access to multiple IP addresses. Propaganda at work. It’s not hard to guess which group.

  17. I think every one in cayman know who is the jordanian even in rundown the have the jordanian ..there’s a song from Andy Martin and barefoot man about the jordanian lessen to it you know who the jordanian ..our must be you dont live in cayman
    Aske any one all overe this island the know who the jordanian
    Dont drink too much .lol if u want you can go to Mexico with the governor … I pay for your ticket … Please if you come back dont bring him with you back lol

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