Governor applied for Mexico job last June

It seems Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor has had his eye on Mexico for quite some time.  

The governor, now serving out a one-year contract extension in Cayman that lasts to mid-January 2014, bid for the United Kingdom’s Mexican ambassador position in late June 2012 – not long after Britain approved a contract extension for Mr. Taylor.  

As is usual for such posts in the UK foreign service, the bids for the Mexican ambassador’s position went through a Foreign and Commonwealth Office board, which makes a recommendation to the UK secretary of state and prime minister. Mr. Taylor’s appointment was confirmed on 14 January.  

However, after that confirmation the appointment still had to be approved by both Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and also agreed upon by the Mexican government. Mr. Taylor said that happened last month.  

“I am honoured and delighted to have been appointed ambassador to Mexico, a beautiful, vibrant and dynamic country,” Mr. Taylor said. “The UK has a rich and friendly relationship with Mexico.”  

The governor said he expected to leave Cayman sometime in August, or perhaps late July. Mr. Taylor has served as the British-appointed governor to the Cayman Islands, a UK overseas territory, since January 2010. 

He said he wasn’t sure who his replacement will be, but his staying on until August should give the British government and the Queen enough time to choose one.  

It also means Mr. Taylor will stay on to supervise the May general elections in the Cayman Islands and a few months afterward while the new government gets into place. “Oh yes, not going to miss that,” he said. 

The governor has extensive experience in Latin American speaking countries, having served in Havana for four years in the 1980s. He later served as the foreign office’s director of Latin American affairs. Both Mr. Taylor and his wife, Marie-Beatrice, speak Spanish.  

Mexico continues to suffer extensive violence with drug cartels operating in the northern and central parts of the country, in particular. Mexico’s murder rate is one of the highest in the world and the country has a massive economic divide.  

Also, Mr. Taylor’s role as ambassador will be quite different from his position in Cayman, where he serves in essentially a territorial administrator’s role.  

“I realise it will be fundamentally different from the job here,” he said. “Mexico is really a very interesting country; they have their crime problems and it affects the image of the country, but they’re fast becoming one of our most important trading partners, I believe their economy is now the 13th largest in the world. 

“It’s certainly a nice job to go to,” he said. 


  1. Ever hear the word running I think the Governor feel the heat from the kitchen. He has a vision, and knows it will be HELL POWER HOUSE around here after May election. Caymanians are not putting up with the pushing around by these Spies that come here. Remember Tempura first class Water Gate, remember all the persons went to Jail; imagine, even the Judges the Premier, half of the MLA’s, and stepping on the toes of the Church. Governor You are doing the right thing RUN… because your seat is going to get very hot, and I do hope the next one will learn not to meddle into things which do not concern him.

  2. Mac B Hunter you’re sure right in your assessment of the situation. He made sure and fix up his buddy Baines before he left; knowing fully well he did not deserve the position. It should have been advertised because Baines was not doing a good job and those law suits against him are deplorable. For the record I am no McKeeva ‘croony’. I speak the truth and the facts as it is seen, regardless of whether you’re a PPM, UDP, C4C, KGB, W7W or whatever.

    We Caymanians are not foolish people and can see through the guises of these spies.

  3. Now you know the jordanian is right no one want this governor stay in cayman
    I think we need take the commissioner of police contract to court it not advertise then it not legal …. There’s people are working to do so..after election …. This country will not be silent any more … We need caymanians police there’s 2000 caymanians need a job why we don’t. But some as police . …

  4. As of writing this, 70 ‘people’ agree with Jordanian’s comment that makes very little sense. Either there are a lot of fools here, or somebody is falsifying clicks of a mouse.

  5. I totally agree with Case, Governor Taylor did not flinch when he had the task of sorting out corruption. Well done to him, and I hope his post in Mexico is a happy one for him and his family.

  6. @Topsy47 – that’s only partly true. I will concede that he tackled alleged corruption amongst Caymanians but the issues raised by Operations Tempura and Cealt have been, in my opinion, very deliberately buried.

    So the message he leaves behind seems pretty clear – if you are a native Caymanian watch out but if you an ex-pat working on an FCO-generated contract do what the heck you like because the FCO will protect you when the smelly brown stuff starts flying.

    Sadly, the Taylor legacy is confusing. He is probably the first Governor to ever tackle corruption amongst local politicians head on but also oversaw what appears to be the biggest official FCO cover since the 2003 Brian Gibbs MI6 fiasco.

  7. It’s certainly a nice job to go to, he said.

    I’ll bet !

    Away from Cayman…

    Now that the Operation Tempura shi* is about to hit the fan, big time !

    Now I understand why Duncan Taylor challenged the FOI Commissioner’s ruling on the release of the Tempura documentation…

    It was to buy himself time to get out before the release of the information by the courts.

    Smart man…Stuart Jacks’ legacy isn’t going to follow him and compromise his professional career.

    He’s made sure of that !

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