Students told to think big

One hundred eighty-five John Gray High School Year 11 students recently were given awards for exemplary accomplishment in the classroom. 

At the Church of God Holiness in Red Bay, 78 students were stars in triple awards, 56 in double awards and 51 in single awards. The certificates were given for accomplishment in sports, courtesy, effort, excellence, most-improved achievement and academics.  

Former John Gray graduate and YCLA recipient Merzeta Bodden presented some ideal keys to students for living. 

She encouraged students to think big and give generously.  

“Whatever walk you take in life, live life big, believe in yourselves and give generously,” she said. Ms Bodden encouraged them to seek inspiration and gave several examples of important people in today’s society who had made it despite challenges. 

In front of parents, teachers, guest and students, Principal Lyneth Monteith, Chief Education Officer Shirley Wahler and Ministry of Education Chief Officer Mary Rodrigues presented the students with certificates and awards. 

Jeavhon Jackson, Kaela Ebanks and Tiffany Cole were named sports persons of the year. Head Boy and Girl were Javdon Nelson and Katelyn Bush. 

At the event, music presentations were given by Year 12 students, Head Girl Katelyn Bush thanked those involved and Pastor Anna G. Smith Joseph closed with a word of prayer and encouragement for awardees.