Local observers meet

Team attends election workers’ final training session

Local observers appointed for the general election had their first meeting Wednesday night when they attended the final training session for teams that will be working the polling stations on 22 May. 

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez said he expected the elections to run smoothly, as they have in the past, because everyone has worked as a team. He noted that it was the final training session, not only for poll workers, but also for him and deputies Orrett Connor and Colford Scott. Their retirement as of 30 June was announced earlier this year. 

“When you get old and grey and feeble like us, you have to let the younger generation take over,” he joked.  

The observers first walked around Mary Miller Hall to watch while presiding officers and poll clerks set up their equipment and then conducted the poll with volunteers playing the roles of voters. 

They were then briefed by Mr. Gomez and signed a pledge that they will serve as nonpartisan observers and will work in support of a genuine democratic election process, putting aside personal views. 

Team leader Norman Bodden called a further meeting for the observers themselves to deal with the logistics of the task they have undertaken.  

Local observers are also referred to as domestic, to distinguish them from the overseas or international observers. 


Deputy Supervisor of Elections Orrett Connor, standing, confers with Supervisor of Elections Kerney Gomez before the briefing for domestic observers. Continuing clockwise, are Carol Winker, Georgette Myrie, Adrian Estwick, Tom Hines, Norman Bodden, Alson Ebanks, Gilbert Connolly and John MacMillan. Not attending were Cayman Brac observers Joel Scott Sr. and Edgar A. Bodden. – Photo: Submitted