Editorial for 20 May: Losing young man hurts all

What is the lure of South Church Street in
South Sound, young people and speed?

We have lost the life of a very promising
young man because of speeding along that winding stretch of road.

Zak Quappe’s life isn’t the first taken in
the area of South Church Street that becomes South Sound Road in just a few
hundred yards.

About a year ago, a car flew at high speed
into a fence across the road.

In May 2012, 21-year-old Corey Seymour died
in a crash just outside the San Sebastian condo complex on South Sound Road.
Again, speeding was involved.

While there is something inherent about
youngsters – especially males – feeling the need to speed, the roads in the
Cayman Islands just aren’t designed for fast cars and heavy feet on the gas

The former racetrack at Breakers did give a
venue to those who wanted to race their fast cars, but it has been closed.

And too often, those who left the track
were still pumped up with adrenaline and the desire to go fast that they took
it to the public roadways.

We’ve seen speeding deaths occur all over
Grand Cayman and can only pray that one day they will come to an end.

Young people think they are invincible.
Unfortunately, they aren’t.

Today we face the loss of a bright, loving
young man while another faces charges of suspicion of causing death by careless
driving. His life will be changed forever, whether or not he is found guilty.

The lives of Chuck and Barrie and their
family have also been changed forever. We can only offer them our condolences
and prayers.

If nothing else, we hope that this
misfortune is a testament to other young drivers that racing on the roadways of
the Cayman Islands isn’t only wrong, it’s dangerous.

We will truly miss Zak and all of the
promise that his life held.



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