The outsourcing of selection

Historically the Caribbean has been able to find local selectors who were capable of making teams that performed consistently at a world class level. These selectors usually included retired players of note such as Sir Viv Richards, who not only had the knowledge and experience but resided in the region. So far as I am aware, none of our sports teams are being selected by the UK Foreign Colonial Office. Neither are any of our statutory boards or the majority of civil service appointments.

The puzzling exception to this is our judicial and legal services commission who have several members from far off places with no connection to these Islands. They must come here at great expense, ignorant of Skype, to advise the governor as no suitable members could be found in Cayman or the Caribbean. The carbon footprint excess of this board membership rivals that of the French Sun King whose reign ended in revolution.

Local legal luminaries like Ramon Alberga and David Ritch have been overlooked in favour of more malleable clay but this is unsurprising. Some of the higher Queen’s honours dispensed with abandon elsewhere in equal colonies have studiously avoided the venerated but independent contributors to our society.

Perhaps the sting of the 2009 victory of the West Indies over England when we won by an entire innings was insufficient to disabuse them of the notion that local selectors are best.

Peter Polack

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