Editorial for 28 May: Begin hurricane preparations

We’re a few days shy of the start of Hurricane Season 2013
and the prognosticators aren’t giving us much hope.

They’re telling us this will be an above average season with
as many as 20 named storms and potentially 11 hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean,
putting the Cayman Islands in position for a direct hit from a major storm.

We don’t need another Ivan or Paloma to batter our shores.

But at least one lead hurricane forecaster warns that at
least one tropical storm would affect our region early in the season, which
starts Saturday.

We hope he’s wrong, but in case he’s not, we can be ready if
one hits.

Start by making a hurricane plan for your home or business
and include everyone who needs to know the plan.

Check your hurricane supplies now. Replace any outdated food
stuffs and make sure your batteries are fully charged.

Veterans of storms and people new to the Islands can pick up
a copy of Thursday’s Caymanian Compass to find our annual Hurricane Guide,
which is chock full of information about what to do before, during and after a

There’s also a listing of suggested hurricane kit items, as
well as information about food and water safety.

Thursday is also the day when Hazard Management will go
through its final readiness exercise, which it does each year.

Like Hazard Management, we don’t really need predictions of
storms to tell we need to be prepared.

No matter how big a storm, if it affects you and your family
in any negative way, it was a big storm for you personally.

If you are new to the Islands, check with friends and
neighbours who have experienced hurricanes and bad weather here. Find out if
you live in an area that floods and where you can go in the event of a storm.

And if you are a veteran of hurricanes, impart your wisdom.
We all need to be prepared.


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