What’s up with crossings?

I find actions of the National Road Authority puzzling.

A pedestrian crossing was installed by the Strand on West Bay Road. After months of delay it became operative. It is unlike any other crossing in the World that I have seen. I do not understand what I am supposed to do as a pedestrian or a motorist. I have not found anyone who can explain it to me. Now two more are being installed near Camana Bay! What was wrong with having a cheaper version, like the rest of the world, with red and green lights that would be readily understood by all?

Also, it seems to me that the Authority allowed the new extension to West Bay to open before it was finished. Now daily one lane is closed to allow workmen to complete tasks. The Authority closes the lane without giving motorists any warning as they approach that a lane ahead is closed.

Furthermore, how much longer is the Authority going to allow the junction of the extension and Raleigh Quay to be closed?

George Tustin

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