Tribute to Mrs. Moyle

An exemplary public servant, Hon. Edna Marie Moyle had a personality that was impossible to ignore.

Members of the North Side Community, which she represented in the Legislative Assembly for nearly 17 years, will certainly tell you that Mrs. Moyle made a lasting impact on their district.

She helped to establish a library, health centre, civic centre, police station and community park there. A tireless advocate for the elderly in the district, she also had a strong appreciation for young people.

As a Member of the Legislative Assembly, her work also led to positive changes for the wider Cayman Islands. A particular focus for her was on women’s issues. She was responsible for a government motion to make women’s affairs a Cabinet remit. This led eventually to the establishment of a Women’s Resource Centre.

During her time in the Legislative Assembly, Mrs. Moyle served as Cabinet minister for a year, deputy speaker for a year and speaker for four. After her retirement, she received the Order of the British Empire for her contribution to politics.

It is a source of pride to the Civil Service that a woman of Mrs. Moyle’s achievements spent more than a decade as civil servant. During this time she worked as personal secretary to Administrator John A. Cumber, as well as deputy clerk of the LA before returning to the private sector.

Her consistent readiness to work for the good of others is a characteristic that should define all civil servants and indeed all public servants.

The culture of North Side was embedded in her soul; she is enshrined in the hearts of North Siders, but also in those of Civil Service and of the wider Cayman Islands.

Franz Manderson

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