Alexia is ‘Humane’ angel


Formula 1 Fans in the Cayman Islands meet for the Montreal Grand Prix this Sunday and for once they do not have to rise early.  

Normally, the races are screened at 9am, but because the Canada race is on the same time zone, the 1pm start will suit most.  

The club meets at the Lone Star Bar and Grill on West Bay Road. A minimum donation of $2 is expected from all in attendance for which entrants get entered into a free raffle for prizes. All proceeds for this race goes to the Cayman Islands Humane Society.  

F1FCI organiser Danny Roach said: “The Montreal Grand Prix is the first of three races this year which are near our time zone and will be shown live instead of being pre-recorded. 

“It is also the last chance we all have this year for us to donate to the Cayman Islands Humane Society. So please bring all your pet loving friends even if they are not race fans, so we can make this mid-day race our biggest fundraiser to date. 

“The Humane Society still needs lots of cash and other donations. We have raised almost $400 in cash so far, and I would like to get $800 for them if we can.” 

The wish list of things the Humane Society would like includes Science Diet cat food (other brands welcome), Pedigree dog food, Milk Bones and rawhides, rubber dog toys, such as Kongs, cat toys, kitten and puppy formula milk, cat beds and warming pads, collars, newspapers and stainless steel food bowls. 

One little girl who loves Formula 1 and animals in equal measure is Alexia Bromfield. It was her eighth birthday on Sunday and instead of the usual presents and cash from friends she requested donations to the Humane Society.  

Around $200 worth of animal food was collected and Alexia’s proud parents Gary and Sherine took her down to the Humane Society shelter on Monday to deliver the much appreciated goodies for the cats and dogs. The only conventional birthday present Alexia got was an Xbox from her parents.  

Alexia has two cats of her own, Ninja and Pepperpot and she is becoming something of a mascot at the Humane Society because every time she visits, animals get adopted from the shelter.  

The donation was gratefully accepted by Terrie Farrington, shelter executive administrator, who said that through their recent increase in their schools programme more children are getting involved with the facility. 


Terrie Farrington gratefully accepted Alexia Bromfield’s kind donation. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD


  1. God bless Alexia for her human kindness. Perhaps if all of us donated one thing to the animal shelter, just think how good you would feel and. These animals need our help. Please donate items from this article or the Humane Society wishlist.

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