Editorial for 05 June: Campaigners' promise is kept

It’s back to the drawing board on the emotive issue of the
George Town Landfill and where a new dump will go.

One thing’s for sure: The minister now in charge of the dump
has vowed that the dump will not go in his home district of Bodden Town.

Health Minister Osbourne Bodden declared at the new
government’s first press conference on Tuesday that the issue of Mount
Trashmore will be a major priority, but that the PPM was keeping its promise of
keeping the dump out of the Midland Acres area.

Mr. Bodden said the last PPM government had many solutions
to the landfill problem, including on-site remediation, recycling and waste to

But consultants have advised that there isn’t enough land at
the George Town landfill to accommodate a waste-to-energy facility and that it
wouldn’t be financially feasible.

Other consultants have advised that no matter what the
Cayman Islands did to reduce waste at the George Town site, the best answer
would be a landfill at an engineered facility in a new and relatively remote

The George Town landfill receives between 320 to 350 tonnes
of waste a day, and on an island with almost no recycling, the mound continues
to rise unabated.

Just about everyone agrees that something must be done with
Mount Trashmore, they just can’t agree on any one solution. The Dart group had
plans to cap and remediate the dump, but that was in an agreement to have the
new landfill placed in a remote area, which became Bodden Town.

We have to wonder now if the new government is going to turn
its sights to East End, North Side or West Bay.

If it does, there is certain to be the same hue and cry that
emanated from Bodden Town.

And so it begins again. Mount Trashmore continues to grow,
solutions will be bandied about and the residents of whatever district is
picked will say ‘not in my backyard’. We hope the new government will make the
dump a major priority and that a workable solution is found, and soon.



  1. Mandatory recycling is required regardless of the location of the new facility.
    Teach the children in school and make it a required part of everyone’s life.
    Recycle paper, plastic, glass and aluminum now, anything else is irresponsible.

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