Hopeful for Cayman’s future

Best wishes to all who were elected in the recent election. To those who were not elected, a big thank you for your love of country and rest assured that most of us were impressed by the calibre of candidates who contested the election. I encourage you to continue working for a better Cayman Islands. The real work begins now. We’ll see who really meant what they said on the campaign trail.

Most Caymanians, by now, are aware that I do not support the party system. Through it, we never elect the best possible candidates and we do need better than a Manchester United team to fix our current problems.

In order to win elections, parties worldwide rely on mass momentum and the electorate’s tendency to have a very poor memory. Each party directs our attention and focuses on the mistakes and failures of the incumbent party and like hypnotised followers, with blinders on, we elect those whom we rejected the last time around. So, they have us jumping from one to the other and the game continues. We, the hapless electorate, select the lesser of the two evils each time.

But I remain hopeful because the election results this time seem to indicate the start of real change in Cayman. People are getting wiser and we are waking up and, who knows, by the next election we may be fully awake and conscious enough to really feel the pain that goes along with the party system.

As for me, I shall continue to work for the good of Cayman in my little corner.

S.A. Tomlinson

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