Hedge Funds Care Cayman grant supports Crisis Centre

Hedge Funds Care Cayman has again partnered with the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre as major sponsors of the Children and Youth Programme.  

The programme was initiated in 2009 through a Hedge Funds Care grant and has serviced dozens of children in the past four years. 

The Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, established in 2003, is the first and only safe shelter for the victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault in Cayman.  

The Children and Youth Programme provides intervention and prevention services to children, ages 4 to 16, who witness domestic abuse. The programme focuses on the safety and well-being of children who accompany their mothers to the centre. Individual and group sessions are geared toward enhancing self-esteem and safety, while support groups work to facilitate effective communication skills, healthy coping skills, self-awareness and conflict resolution. 

“HFCC has been a local force for change in the Cayman Islands, working to treat and prevent child abuse and neglect,” said Greg Bennett, co-chairman of the HFCC Grants Committee. “Great strides in awareness and funding have been made since formation in 2005. HFCC feels that the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre is doing a remarkable job in domestic violence awareness and assisting the youngest victims of these crimes.” 

“We wanted to assist them in their aim of providing a safe environment with counselling for the children who find themselves at the centre, and provide them with an opportunity for a life free of violence and abuse,” he added.  

Regardless of whether children are physically abused themselves, the emotional effects of witnessing domestic violence are similar to the psychological trauma of being a victim of child abuse. 

Meila Johnson, case manager for the Children and Youth Programme, thanked Hedge Funds Care Cayman and all sponsors of the programme.  

“The Children and Youth Programme began in 2009 established through the Hedge Funds Care Cayman funding. The centre and its clients are grateful for this sponsorship and the programme would not exist without this generous donation.” 


For more information on sponsoring the Children and Youth Programme in support of the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre, please contact Meila Johnson at [email protected] 


Meila Johnson, case manager for the Children and Youth Programme, is pictured with Greg Bennett, co-chairman of the Hedge Funds Care Cayman Grant Committee. – Photo: Submitted

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