Kittiwake licence renewals are due for operators

Any commercial operator or private vessel owner wishing to license their vessel for the Kittiwake Marine Park for the upcoming licensing year of 1 July to 30 June, 2014, are now able to complete the necessary paperwork, according to the Cayman Islands Tourism Association. 

The process involves the following steps: 

Complete and sign all pages of the licensing agreement 

Pay vessel licensing fees (commercial vessels: $150 for first vessel, $75 each additional vessel; private vessels: $50 each) 

Commercial operators must also provide the following to licence their vessel(s): 

Proof of insurance for the vessel  

Current membership with the Cayman Islands Tourism Association. 

All private vessel licenses include two annual passes; commercial vessel licenses include three annual passes. The licensing agreement can be downloaded from (look for the orange licence decal image) or completed at the tourism association’s office at 1320 West Bay Road during regular business hours, which run Monday to Friday 9am to 430pm and Saturdays from 9am to 2pm.  

Annual passes to dive and/or snorkel the Kittiwake are also available from the association’s office. The cost is $25 per year and allows the registered pass holder unlimited visits to the Kittiwake.  

Vessel licensing fees, annual pass and one-day visit passes help to support the Kittiwake Marine Park, including all maintenance of the site, as well as contribute towards an environmental contingency fund, said the association, which noted that more than 40,000 divers and snorkellers had visited the Kittiwake since its sinking in 2011. 


For queries contact CITA at 949-8522. 


Kittiwake licences are due. – Photo: Submitted

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