Editorial for 06 June: A new life for George Town?

Was that an audible sigh of relief from downtown merchants
we heard Tuesday?

Deputy Premier Moses Kirkconnell said during a government
press conference on Tuesday that his government plans to build a berth for a
cruise ship, and that’s all.

Other proposals for a berthing facility included onshore
development of retail facilities, which would have been direct competition for
the business owners who have depended on cruise ship tourists for revenue for

Many of those campaigning for seats in the Legislative
Assembly representing George Town said in a Chamber of Commerce Magazine
article that one of their main concerns for their district was the
refurbishment of the downtown area.

Mr. Kirkconnell said, “… we support the rebuilding and
rebranding of George Town itself as a cultural centre for this country and we
believe that the cruise pier will only add to that because of the numbers it
will bring.”

Once the clock strikes 5pm on a weekday, George Town becomes
a ghost town as office workers exit the city and cruise ships sail away from
our shore.

On the weekends George Town is virtually deserted.

Concerts have successfully been held at the Royal Watler
port terminal in the past, and on special occasions, downtown streets are
closed for music and dancing. It’s been proven time and time again that the
downtown area can be used to draw people to George Town.

Rebranding and rebuilding the area as a cultural centre only
makes sense. It’s been ignored by successive governments too long.

While they’re at it, we hope government addresses the lack
of access for those with disabilities. Residents and visitors alike who use
wheelchairs find navigating the downtown area extremely difficult.

We applaud government’s plans to rebuild and rebrand the
downtown George Town area. Now we’ll watch to see when it’s done.

But the rebuilding of George Town needs to be done in all
areas, including run-down neighbourhoods.



  1. I support a huge craft market for George town, so when tourist arrive they can spend the whole day enjoying local cooked food, international food, arts and crafts and local entertainment. I would suggest that the road in front of kirk Freeport plaza be closed completely to motor vehicles and this stretch of road used for A NEW LIFE IN GEORGE TOWN, Cruise ship days; local music, food, arts crafts, entertainment by groups, Umbrellas, chairs Information booths by tourism dept. etc. Take a look at an area in down town Miami and see this happening, besides this people will be constantly in and out of nearby shops buying and enjoying the air of local music in the air. This is a good thing for all to bring the Town back.

  2. Also remember the staff. Not everyone wants to spend their time in a restaurant.
    George Town needs a Central Park. At the very least develop the North Sound boat launch area into a rest area for people looking for somewhere to spend their lunch break. Every day you see people trying to get next to the few shaded areas for some time out. The majority has to park in in the sun.

  3. That old delapidated building on the North-Sound compound of wireless and cable (time) need to be be torn down or repaired. Been wrecked since Ivan and getting worst. I can just emagine the fungus spores coming from that structure.. I may be wrong!./. but it looks bad.

  4. These suggestions are great, GT is no more the a Big Mall and Commercial center at this point and that’s what people have as their first impression when they visit via cruise and most of the time this doesn’t seem inviting and doesn’t make them want to come back as a stay over tourist. People like this want to see local culture and eat local food, they need to experience the slow paced friendly environment that Cayman has to offer if we expect them to want to return for a long stay. I mean really how much tropical foliage do visitors get to see when they walk around down town, it’s just a day in the hot sun walking from building to building nothing really to write home about..

  5. I do hope we do not see any Political and government intervention coming from Government Admin Building. And to those people who know whom they are, but think that other Caymanian people do not know about their Glass House objections, please stop interfering to stop Caymanian doing their little business down town at the Huts between Scotia Bank and the Courts Office. There is always someone who tells another person and it get out. So it is no secret. It is our own Caymanians who are stopping Caymanians from making a dollar, it is not foreigners.

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