Justin honours legendary mum

Justin Pierre is a name synonymous with football, but not to be forgotten is his connection to netball. 

Pierre is the son of the late Jean Pierre, one of Cayman’s most memorable netball technical directors. Justin was the featured guest speaker during last week’s Cayman Islands Netball Association season-ending awards ceremony. 

Pierre said that his mother’s legacy lives on with the continuation of the sport. 

“I grew up at a netball court with people like Lyneth Monteith, a sister I never had,” Pierre said. “My mum would shoot like 250 shots a night. When you dedicate yourself to something, you give your all to it. You guys are her legacy and she would be so proud.  

“To All Stars A, I say you old ladies must have it going on still since you still winning. Congratulations to all the young ladies in the competition, and keep it up.” 

Pierre would present the Jean Pierre Award, a new annual honour for Cayman’s best shooter, to Kay Copeland. The Storm Radarz star, whose side fell short of a national title in the Championship Division of the association’s 2013 Open League, netted 258 goals on 315 shot attempts to score 81.9 per cent. 

Last Thursday’s ceremony at the John Gray High School hall saw trophies dished out to the winners of various competitions. Clifton Hunter High School Goldfield won the High School Under-14 League, while John Gray’s Wahoo Academy won the U16 League. 

In the Open League, awards went to national champions All Stars A, Plate Division winners All Stars B and Division Three winner Ernst & Young Hot Shots. 


Justin Pierre is the son of a netball legend. – PHOTO: MATTHEW YATES


Justin Pierre hands Kay Copeland the Jean Pierre Award. – PHOTO: MATTHEW YATES

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