Training for 
hurricane volunteers

The Department of Children and Family Services advises those who signed up to be shelter volunteers for this year’s hurricane season that training will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, 11 and 12 June from 5.30 to 8.45pm at the 
Prospect Primary School Hall.

All volunteers are required to complete both days of training. Registration begins at 5.30pm.

For more information, contact Training Coordinator Ernesto Carter at 


  1. It would be very welcoming to see the persons who have signed up to be shelter volunteers this year. In past years it has been the same, very few Caymanians are given this opportunity, and I will tell you why, I have seen some serious things taking place at these shelters. During Ivan and Paloma, I have seen persons who were here on work permits, came to their friends working at the shelters and loading up their car trunk with food stuff, pots and pans clothing, blankets, etc. and many other things. These items were then shipped off the island. Can anything get any better in this island if no one is watching what these people are doing. NO Caymanian supervising what is happening at these shelters. They are most foreigners in charge, serving food, issuing out items. This is a place the Government need to watch carefully. I am calling on the PPM government of each district to have a trusting person from each of their districts take control of watching these shelters.

  2. Hurricane season is a very important time in the Cayman Islands. This training is scheduled for tomorrow and we are just hearing about it today. This is very short notice and is not acceptable 🙁

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