HospiceCare gets RBC help

Cayman HospiceCare has helped countless numbers of families cope with the end of life of a loved one. 

While its services are free, HospiceCare is constantly in need of donations to keep its services going. 

Recently, 15 RBC employees from the RBC Cayman Service Centre on Grand Cayman volunteered their time in support of Cayman HospiceCare by selling CHC reusable bags outside three supermarkets.  

The effort raised $1,333. In addition, RBC donated $1,000 to Cayman HospiceCare as part of its RBC Day of Service Grants Programme. 

“The vision of CHC is to provide extraordinary end of life care to all people living in the Cayman Islands,” said Ms Salene Bushell, manager at the RBC Cayman Service Centre. “CHC is the leading community resource in the areas of death, dying and grief and is dedicated to providing dignified, quality care, free of charge, to everyone in the Cayman Islands living with cancer or other end-stage diseases. We are pleased to support to Cayman HospiceCare, and thank the community for supporting them as well.”  

“RBC employees are passionate volunteers,” said Ms. Tracie Lee-Wah, area vice president, RBC Cayman. “Our staff lends their energy and expertise to initiatives that affect virtually every aspect of our communities. The RBC Day of Service Grant programme gives us the opportunity to further encourage volunteering and aid local charities.”  

The Day of Service Grants Programme is just one of the ways that RBC gives back to the community. RBC contributions support a range of causes, from health, education and the environment to human services, youth and arts and culture. This philanthropic support is an extension of RBC globally, which is recognised around the world as a leading corporate citizen.  

Jennifer Grant-McCarthy, operations and fundraising manager of Cayman HospiceCare applauded the initiative and dedication of RBC and its employees.  

“We rely on donations and fundraisers. Everything Cayman HospiceCare does is at no charge whatsoever to the patient or their families, and to make this happen we need to raise almost $2,000 every day,” she said. “The RBC team came to us both with a plan and the volunteers to make it happen, which is the best possible combination for a charity like ours. RBC is modelling the best corporate and personal commitment to the community and everyone at CHC is most grateful.”  

“Our goal is to help maintain the social fabric of communities today and to ensure success for tomorrow in all the markets where we do business,” added Mrs. Lee-Wah. “Giving back through volunteerism and charitable donations is an expression of our citizenship, and it’s a hallmark of our firm that makes RBC a great place to work and do business.” 


RBC employees from the Cayman Service Centre volunteered to support Cayman HospiceCare as part of RBC’s Day of Service Grants Programme. RBC donated $1,000 to CHC, in addition to donations raised by the volunteer project. – Photo: Submitted

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