Editorial for 20 June: A Cayman welcome

This is turning out to be quite the year for firsts
considering our new government, the independent candidates in it and now a new

Helen Kilpatrick comes to us from the United Kingdom’s Home
Office, where she served as director and acting permanent secretary for the
past eight years.

She joined the UK Home Office in 2005 as the
director-general for finance and corporate services.

Her credentials as a chartered accountant should serve her
well here, considering the ongoing budgetary issues we face in the Cayman

In a 2005 interview with Mrs. Kilpatrick, Mark Conrad of
Public Finance had this to say:

“A member of Kilpatrick’s staff tells me she’s ‘lovely – an
excellent manager: very relaxed, easy to get on with’. But a quick glimpse
around the office also tells me that she runs a very tight ship. While the
‘in-trays’ are as full as you would expect at the Home Office, the ‘pending
trays’ are near empty.”

The same interview lets us know she’s a London restaurant

While we may not be as metropolitan as London, we don’t
think she’ll be disappointed with the restaurant and dining offerings here in
the Cayman Islands.

We look forward to watching how Mrs. Kilpatrick takes the
reins at Government House and the governor’s office.

We will wholeheartedly welcome her to our shores when she
arrives later in the year.


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