Treasure found in Cayman’s grounds

Among the treasures in the Cayman Islands’ is its uniquely rich soil from which a 17 pound sweet potato was plucked in the North Side District of Grand Cayman on 20 June.

Jose Allen, who was the farmer with a seemingly ‘midas’ touch, said the gargantuan sized sweet potato was grown in his yard.

“I just do it for fun,” said Mr. Allen, who added, that was the biggest one he had ever seen in his life. He also told us what he intended to do with it.

“I am going to cut it up and give it to my friends, family and neighbours. But I wanted to bring it in to the Compass to show people what their country can produce,” noted the native Honduran. “This is what can be achieved in this country and I want the people here to know,” he said.

Agriculture Department Agronomist Raymond Coleman concurred with the statements made by Mr. Allen regarding the fertility of the grounds in the Cayman Islands.

“To find such size sweet potatoes in the Cayman Islands is not uncommon. We have recently had a 20 pounder here on our grounds. At the Annual Agriculture Show you also see extremely large ones. The soil is very fertile here and though we don’t get much rain, if you water your crops and pay attention to them, you will get good results, especially because the soil had not been being used.”

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