Minister Rivers tours first departments

Cabinet Minister Tara Rivers, whose responsibilities include the ministries of education, employment and gender affairs, visited the National Workforce Development Agency and the Department of Labour and Pensions earlier this month. 

The tours, conducted between 7 and 9 June, were the first tours by the new minister of agencies under her remit. As part of the agenda at each stop, she met with staff to discuss the day-to-day challenges faced by the departments.  

“Prioritising the NWDA and DLP on my schedule reflects the importance that I place on dealing with labour related issues,” Ms Rivers said.  

She added that her term will feature regular meetings between the ministry and departments to identify needs, as well as to inform policy directives and discussions with Cabinet.  

“I want to ensure open communications as we work together to address any challenges that may emerge,” she added. 


Cabinet Minister Tara Rivers, front row centre, is seen with National Workforce Development Agency personal during a departmental visit earlier this month. – Photo: Submitted

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