United over male cancer

The Lions Club of Grand Cayman has launched a campaign to raise awareness locally on the effects and possible prevention of diseases that primarily affect men’s health, starting with prostate, colon and testicular cancers.

The prevalence of the related issues locally and regionally have prompted them to focus on creating an acute awareness among our male population and hopefully remove some of the dangerous myths that prevent many individuals from even getting checked in the first place.

Former testicular sufferer Dave Bennett said: “We lost one of our past presidents in January 2011 to colon cancer and we decided to stop talking and do something about helping others.

“Clearly, the members of the Lions Club of Grand Cayman are not experts in men’s health and in particular these diseases, so we have partnered with other local organizations who can bring the benefit of our efforts directly to the people who need it.”

They are raising the needed funds to fight the battle against these diseases and also to support the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and Hospice Care who are doing a sterling job in helping those in need of support from these diseases.

The funds raised by the Lions Club of Grand Cayman will go towards their awareness programme and the assistance to individuals affected by cancer.

Fifty per cent of the proceeds will go the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, 25 per cent to Hospice Care and the remaining 25 per cent will remain with us for the awareness programme and public assistance.

In order to raise funds for this initiative, they have launched The Delano Hislop Memorial Three Day Journey for Life.

It is over three days commencing this Saturday 30 June and ending on public holiday Monday 2 July.

Bennett is an accomplished triathlete and former president of the triathlon association. He said: “We hope to attract up to 500 walkers to walk approximately 15 miles each day and for each to raise at least $500.”

During the walk members of the community will be helping to marshal the event and ensure the safety of the walkers, while also providing moral support.

Each day’s walk will end at the Lions Community Centre where walkers will be welcomed back with refreshments.

No other cancer event in Cayman asks participants to walk as far or raise as much money as PACCE but it is for a worthy cause.

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