Laugh your way into the weekend

Celebrate the long weekend with a few cocktails and a belly full of laughs. The Laughter Lounge returns this Friday and Saturday featuring comedians Robert Powell and T.C. Cope.  

Take a pew at the bar or book a table or couch for your group and enjoy drink specials all evening. 


Robert Powell  

A veteran of college events and comedy hotspots, Robert Powell made his television debut on the Showtime network premiere of Shaquile O’Neal’s “All Star Comedy Jam Tour” earlier this month. After a nationwide competition to scout fresh talent to add to the tour’s core roster, Powell was selected out of 30 finalists to begin touring immediately. 

Even as a child, Robert dreamed of being a comedian. Blessed with an ability to make people laugh, he got this start in comedy at the Funny Bone in Shreveport, Louisiana when he dared to take the stage at an open mic night.  

Robert moved to Dallas, Texas following college, where he was soon signed as the opening act for the “Rickey Smiley & Friends Comedy Tour”. Things went from strength to strength and since then he’s performed alongside well-known comedians Red Grant, Cedric the Entertainer, Steve Harvey Kevin James and Suli McCullough as well as hosting concerts for artists such as Lil Wayne, Ludacris and Yung Joc.  


T.C. Cope 

A dedicated comedian, T.C. Cope proclaims, “laughing is living”.  

It’s a philosophy anyone can live with, he figures, and a survival strategy for modern life.  

Believing that “old” complements “new” and being “bad” is in no way “good”, T.C. crosses lines to teach “right” with laughter as the cure. 

Born on the outskirts of New York City, but brought up in the middle of Tennessee, T.C. has left many audiences teary-eyed with his southern punch yet sharp city-style humour. His slender body and laugh line smile have given him a talent for making people laugh and leaving audiences begging for more.  

T.C. has enjoyed working with a roster of big name comedians including Bernie Mac, Sheryl Underwood, Bruce Bruce, Joe Rogan and Damon Wayans.  


The Laughter Lounge series is aimed the professional business man or woman, who enjoys upscale and sophisticated evenings of live entertainment. 


T.C. Cope will promote his “laughing is living” philosophy. – Photos: File


Robert Powell recently made his television debut on the Showtime network.

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