Information, technology charge off to Grand Court

Sandra Catron to appear in Grand Court on 19 July

Sandra Catron was committed to stand trial in Grand Court on a charge of using an ICT network to harass or annoy a named person.

Magistrate Grace Donalds handed down that decision on Tuesday, 2 July, after hearing arguments in a preliminary inquiry last week.

The defendant is specifically accused of knowingly using an Information and Communication Technology network between 27 May and 23 July, 2012, to annoy or harass.

She appeared in Summary Court last 18 September and elected Grand Court, telling Chief Magistrate Nova Hall she wanted trial by jury.

The Criminal Procedure Codes requires that a preliminary inquiry be held before sending a matter to Grand Court if it is one that could be dealt with in either Summary Court or the higher court.

For the inquiry, Senior Crown Counsel Tricia Hutchinson represented the Director of Public Prosecutions. The defendant represented herself.

She was directed to appear in Grand Court on Friday, 19 July, for mention of the charge.